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Connect via WiFi with 70D



I was reading a thread that stated that the Canon 6D can connect via wifi to BackyardEOS by first connecting the camera to EOS Utility, closing EOS Utility, and then connecting in BackyardEOS.

Here is the thread...

I am trying to make this work with my new 70D, but BackyardEOS can't find it using the method described above.  Help! :-)

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Sorry for late reply, I was rather busy with 'life' - these days everything is a rush!


First of all BYEOS is fine!

1. I initially [almost 2 years ago] had a problem with the original Canon 'undersized' battery less than 900mA  when you use a Mains PSU the output is 2A - that tells you all you need to know - i.e. the camera 'draws' FAR more energy than the official figures [nothing new!] and did not last more than 30m on - therefore I solved it by using a mains PSU 7.4v 2A or so I thought I solved it - well for a good while!
2. After a short while I had a 'clear' problem with the quality of the 'original' 20p [or 20 cents] Canon Micro USB 2 cable = not screened and very thin - I replaced it with a 2.5x ticker cable and worked straight away for a certain time ... [once in a while I started to have disconnections and could not use BYEOS live feature - would not connect it - a series of problems]

3. all fine for another while - then again disconnections and I keep all my cable tidy and UN-pull-able - as usual since 90% of problems with cameras are USB cables I blamed on them and kept changing the 2m Micro USB cable -strangely worked and went on this way - bear in mind I had a 10m active extension on it but I 'always' believed the 10m were NIT a problem as often when I tested the Micro cable by itself - I had the same problem [sporadically] - I know it was mad and non logical - at least for an Electronics Technician [me] !

4. ONCE I found the PSU cable at the DSLR entry point [both wires of the twin cable] cut - possibly it was the cold and usage together - fixed that, all fine again!

5. One thing I noticed since almost from when I used the PSU, that the dummy battery adapter/adaptor was about 1.5mm shorter, but 'never' thought contacts were not good, as there is a spring inside [far longer than the electrical contact that 'tricked' me in believing contacts were fine ... they were NOT !
I added a piece of cardboard at about 1.5mm with black cloth tape and plugged in and put camera on soaking test with the 10m + 2m Micro USB cable on and worked for almost 7-8 hours continuously I let it actual take blank images, while working on my computer.

So, at present I can say it is working and I already had a couple of 3 hour sessions with no problems at all - not only that, but even BYEOS is working better - obviously because oh the good PSU and good Micro USB cable - I also modified the PSU cable with a 2 core black 'mains' cable 0.5mmsqare section to improve the DC transfer - i.e. less loss.

Well, it has never been this good!

Sorry for being long, but I thought this could help others find the culprit of their problem and I can safely say the 10m does nothing to the imaging - the only thing is it obviously slows down the downloading of the images while taking others, but I already have a NEW and GOOD quality 5m USB2 'active' extension + 2m Micro USB 2 cable, which I will try when I have the time and I bet it will improve the downloading speed.

I am trying to take the M101 in episodes! I already got a 50m and a 2H, but it is only a full RGB image using a CLS filter - I hope I can try and take some images using filters.
I am no expert, but I ca try a mono for luminance as well.

Clear skies

Sorry for being late in replying, I am not often on forums - time constrictions, when I retire I will be more active - that will still be quite a while!


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