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UHS-II Memory Cards compatibility?



A question as a follow up to a comment I posted about a week ago.

I'm wondering: Does BYN have a problem with 'finding' the camera if a UHS-II type SD memory cards is installed?
Perhaps that was the issue with it not 'finding' my camera when I had a UHS-II memory card installed in my D5100. The UHS-II SD cards are supposed to be 'backwards compatible' with devices that use the previous Type I cards - and indeed, my D5100 will save images to the
UHS-II SD card. But BYN couldn't find the camera until I replaced the Type II SD card with a Type I SD card.
I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue.


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You are asking the wrong question. BYN does not find the camera. It asks the Nikon SDK to connect to the camera. The heavy lifting, and success or failure, comes from the Nikon software library.

You should be reading the camera's user guide or asking Nikon about SD card compatibility, especially when tethering the camera to a PC.

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Odd. Nothing has changed, but now it’s working.

When I attempted to use BYN with my D5100 a few days ago, my (BeeLink) Win10 computer ‘saw’ it was connected and a folder popped up showing the Type II SD card folder. But BYN would not connect. I tried numerous times. No connection. 
So I swapped out the Type II SD card for a Type I card and then BYN connected.

Today I took a few more photos with my D5100 untethered, using the same Type II SD card. Then I connected my D5100 to the same Win10 computer, and this time BYN connected to the D5100. It operated the camera, took photos as commanded, etc.
All the cables were the same, plugged into the same USB slots. 

So, it’s puzzling, but for now it’s working. I guess I’ll blame the ‘Clear Night’ gremlin that makes equipment not work at the scope on nice clear nights, but lets it work inside on rainy days.

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.I don't think that it is puzzling, at all.

If Windows sees the camera as a storage device (shows a folder for the SD card) then it appears that you may have told Windows to treat it as a portable hard drive. In that case, a different low level driver is loaded by Windows. That driver supports file transfer, but not tethered control.

The second time you connected, the correct driver was loaded to support tethered control from BYN and the Nikon SDK.

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