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Make focus values available to outside software packages



It would be great if BYE would mke the FWHM values from the focusing process available to outside software packages.  I know that AstroTortilla can use BYE by accessing it externally.  I am trying to build a focuser, and having this information exposed and accessible would be very useful.



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How would the FWHM value be used by an outside software package, specifically your focuser? for auto focusing?  what workflow do you envision?


Half-Flux Diameter (HFD) is probably a better metric to use for focusing, but that is just a side comment.


Guylain has said that he will eventually add automatic focusing into BYE/BYN.  In that case, what is the benefit to providing focus metrics to outside apps? Also keep in mind that when LiveView is active the focus metric value changes frequently, but it can also be updated when snap images are downloaded. Which would you use? LiveView? snapped image? both?


Your app could be structured like AstroTortilla to ask BYE to take a picture. Then your app could analyze the picture to extract the focus metric. Your app would, in effect, be re-creating FocusMax, in effect, but would add value if done correctly since FM is limited in how it gets images.  Back in March I was trolling the FocusMax 4 support forum and I read that someone had asked about FM integrating with BYE.  Steve Brady indicated that the had never heard of BYE.  I put in my 2 cents about the benefit of such an integration, but got no reply to my post.

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Guylain asked me to post it here.  I guess he thought it had merit.  The value I see on the screen when focusing would be good to have, however that might be accomplished.  That is with live view.  I realize having Live View on all the time is not good.  Perhaps a momentary value sent out between photographs.  If the value has changed since the last shot, I could try to improve it either manually or automatically.  Yes, having autofocus within BYE will be good when it gets here.  From Guylain's interest in my comment, I'm thinking this might be an easy knock-off task until then.

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I read your comment a little more in detail.  Live view would be used to get a current reading.  My software would compare it to the last reading.  if different, it would move in one direction or the other to refocus, accessing live view.  Or, accessing a value sent back by BYE when it used Live View.


So, ask, read value, compare, move, ask, read value, compare, move, etc.

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