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Problem with queued "images"

Midnight Dan


I was doing some solar imaging today and used BYEOS to capture videos in the Planetary section.  I was not looping or anything, just taking a movie of 1000 frames, then changing the setup and taking another one.  In all, I took 6 or 7 movies, with a few minute break between each.


When I was done, I tried to quit BYEOS but got a message that there were 3 images in the queue for download, and did I want to quit before they were processed.  I wasn't quite sure what this meant because I was taking videos, not images.  And I didn't know if that meant they were still in the camera (should not have been), or on my laptop because of the "download" wording.  I cancelled the "quit" to give it time to complete whatever it was trying to do.  In addition, the indicator in the Camera Information panel had the number 3 and I think it said it was paused, but I couldn't figure out anyway to to get things moving again. After about 10 minutes, I gave up and quit anyway.


Turned out, I lost several of my last videos, which of course were the best ones with the best seeing!  What exactly happened here and how can I avoid it in the future?



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Yes, the jpegs are still there.  Thanks!  Sounds like 3.1 takes care of it so I'll download that.


Dan 3.1 is not released yet :)  Still a month or two away form that.




BackyardEOS 3.1 Release Candidate 01 was just released.




I'm hoping to release it as a full production release in a few weeks.


Thank you.

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For planetary it meant that there was still 3 planetary recording being encoded into an AVI file.


If you closed BYE before they were completed you did not get the avi.  But you have not lost any images. All the individual jpgs are still in "My Pictures\BackyardTEMP\download\"


In 3.0.x if you start a second planetary recording while the 1st is still encoding it will reduce you frame rate.


In 3.1 this is fix.  I have moved -all- image processing under a completely separate windows process... which is way better managed and thus have very little impact to the current UI process.


In addition, in 3.1 you will be able to completely close BYE even if you still have images in the queue as a result of the separate Windows process.  As long as you don't shutdown your computer the process will computer being the scene until it's done.


Hope this makes sense.



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