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a question on settings for a Mono mod. 350D



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There are no "Mono Settings" for any Color DSLR.  And BYEOS does NOTHING with the actual Image Data in either the RAW or JPEG Output - because BYE works hard to remain an Image Capture App rather than also an Image Processing App.


The actual structure of the RGB Pixels in the Sensor - the Bayer Matrix - mean for even "Black-and-White" Photo Effects that the Image Processing Software must first perform a Full-Color Debayering process then "Flatten" the Image to B&W.


For Ha Narrowband Imaging, where only the Red Pixels have Useful Data (and Blue and Green Pixels will have at least some Noise), you need to use an Image Processing App to Read the RAW file and Extract just the Red Layer out of the RGB.

Most general-purpose Image Processing Apps will perform the Debayer Process first before Extracting the Red Layer, while some Astro Imaging-specific Apps will avoid the Debayer Process and simply Extract a Red Layer where the Red Pixel data is assigned to all 4 Pixels in the Bayer Matrix.  The latter avoids adding some amount of Noise (from the Blue and Green Pixels) into the Red Layer.


So, the best answer is to pursue one of the AP Image Processing Apps - sounds like you may already be doing so with your reference to "calibration"...

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I completely removed the Bayer Matrix from this camera making it a mono camera

what I'm trying to do is shoot Ha with this camera and add it to an image from my other 350D I didn't De-Bayer

but when I try putting it in to DSS I get a blue image

I've asked  on other boards but the suggestions I've gotten haven't worked so I figured I'd ask here

BTW after I posted this question I opened BYEOS and found nothing helpful under settings

any thoughts?



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No suggestions for settings in BYEOS pertinent to your situation - except a reminder to ensure that you select RAW as the "Quality Setting".


In-Camera, you'll want to experiment with a Custom White Balance.  But I don't expect that will be of much help for most AP Image Processing Apps, especially DSS.


This isn't the place for a lot of suggestions on non-BYEOS topics such as a DSS How-To...

But, I'd suggest that you experiment with the "Bayer Drizzle" setting in the "Raw/Fits DDP Settings", as well as the "Align RGB Channels" in the Stacking Results settings.

Beyond that, you should reach out to the DSS Yahoo Group asking about "Avoiding Debayering of DSLR RAW Image Data".  You'll need to explain your situation re: a Removed Bayer Matrix...

(However, I seem to remember Sander being rather adamant that "DSS Always Performs Debayering on DSLR Image Files".)


Good Luck with your pursuit of a Processing Workflow...


In any case, BYEOS is still one of your best Tools for the Image Capture process...

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