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I'm not sure the following questions are  suitable in this forum.

1  I'm a user of bye premium, I've tried to install a bye pre-release to another pc win10 ,64bit in my observatory, but I can't login because of "lock". How to unlock?

2  I have an eos r . How to download a bye pre-release?  I understand to firstly download a trial version.

3    Are there any privileges upgrading from  bye premium?




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I'm confused.  What is locked?  

I looked at your profile and I do not see any BYE Premium license key under the account you are using to post this message.

Can you please elaborate a little bit more on your issue?

Thank you.

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Please DO NOT reply to forum posts by email.  You must post directly on the forum to ensure the conversation remains public; this way other users may benefit from the conversation and outcome.

I need to know that account you used to purchased and gets locked as you say.  Without this I can not find the account to unlock it.


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Oh, and to answer your questions in your email...

The trial is NOT the pre-release.

BYE comes in 3 editions and is defined by your software key.

  1. Trial Edition
  2. Classic Edition
  3. Premium Edition.

The trial edition IS the premium edition but will only work for 30 days.  Aside from that the Trial edition is the same as the premium edition.

A pre-release is NOT an edition.... it's a download of the next version that is not yet release that people can try with their current software key.  It does not matter if your software key is the trial, classic, or premium key... your key will work a pre-release.

Because a pre-release is NOT an edition (trial, classic, premium)... you only need to download it form the "DOWNLOAD" pre-release section and use your *same* key. 

Click "Download" from the website top menu bar, then click on the "pre-release" section on the right option panel.


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