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Mirror lock up or delay



In preparation for the upcoming eclipse I am trying to figure out if BackyardNikon supports a delay between the mirror up and shutter release.  I know this isn't necessary for long exposure AP but I am wanting to use it for the eclipse and specifically corona shots during totality.  The exposure time for the corona shots will be in the 1/30 up to 1 or 2 second range.  From what I understand this is the range of time where the mirror vibration is really noticed.  I saw an old thread that was talking about it possibly being an option in the future if you used both cables (usb and serial).  Can anybody tell me if this every came to be?  If not, is there another work around to accomplish shake free photos in that short shutter time frame?  My camera is a D7000 and I plan to piggyback it on my Meade LX90 with a  500mm zoom lens.  Any help is appreciated.



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I went through this question sequence as well. I also have the D7000. What I found is that BYN MLU does work when using bulb mode, a USB camera control cable and a USB/rs232 cable for the shutter release.....even though it shouldn't. You have to select (manually) the MUP setting on the camera and there are other limitations. I have some theories on why this works....but then they really don't matter..

The problem is, minimum exposure in bulb is 1 sec. If not in bulb the MLU function in BYN does not work with the D7000!!

I did some other testing and did find a software program that does work for shorter exposures in other camera modes besides bulb. "DSLR Shutter" (Stark-Labs). It does not provide any of the the camera control of BYN but does provide the double pulse needed to use the MLU function at the exposure times you will be using. MUP till needs to be selected on the camera. So while it will work if needed, it is a very basic shutter release program. For just about any other situations I can come up with, BYN is the way to go!!

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The BYN Camera Support Grid indicates that Mirror Lockup (MLU) is not supported for any Nikon cameras. There is nothing that Guylain can do to complete the implementation of this feature. MLU is not supported by Nikon in their SDKs.

I have never used MLU for any imaging and I have never seen symptoms of mirror flip causing vibration that shows up in my pictures, even at longer focal lengths. This is true of even short exposures. The LX90 should be stable enough that any effects of mirror flip would be non-existent. I would suggest rehearsing your imaging plan for the eclipse to see if mirror shake is evident.  You will likely have a much larger effect from seeing.

Your question about availability of MLU when using a DSUSB cable is a good one. I don't know the answer. Hopefully someone who knows will respond.

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