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Feature I'd most like to see...



Just a thread to ask what feature folks would most like to see in the future for Guylain to ponder, what feature you would most like to have.


For me its centre a picture where I'd like (without using AstroTortilla or other 3rd party products).  I would love to have BYE (connected to the ASCOM scope control) snap a shot - then for me to be able to select any star and click another point of the screen and be able to say - move this picture so this star appears at a user selected point on the screen.  So say if I clicked on M20 and its wasn't framed well, select a star and click some place on the screen and command BYE to shift the scope until the star appears close enough to the point I selected (say within a maximum of 5 moves - take a new shot and see if the star is in the correct position.  If BYE knew the RA DEC directions on the screen and image scale - it could hopefully calculate to move a star from (X, Y) to a new coordinate (A, B) it would have to slew a certain distance in RA and DEC - issue that movement and use fuzzy logic with a set number of attempts to get the scope to the desired point.


I have tried this with Astro Tortilla - but it simply can't issue a sync to the ASCOM Vixen driver when the Sky6 PE is controlling the mount...


Desire two would be focus aid assistance - click on any bright star and have an automated imaging routine where BYE tries to find best focus for said star (rather the stop imaging - add Bhatinov masks - and manually adjust focus for 2 - 10 minutes) - then go back to imaging - and having to do this several times a night.  I would like a dummies option to simple say - Check for best focus - and know after a minute or two it had found it again!


What would other folk most desire?


Many thanks,





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This forum is for questions about functionality and help with the use of Backyard EOS. Your post should be in the Feature Suggestion Box forum.


I am convinced that the focus metric values provided by BYE (FWHM and HFD) are as accurate as a Bahtinov mask, don't require me to touch the mount, and are easier to use. This should allow you to re-focus partway through an imaging session in just a minute or 2...way less than 10 minutes.


As for your AstroTortilla issue, you should probably take that up with Software Bisque. It seems to be a problem in their code if they are not forwarding sync's to your Vixen mount. Can't you connect both TSX and AT to the ASCOM driver, rather than controlling the mount through TSX?


If you re-post to the Suggestion Box, I will comment on suggested feature(s) over there.

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And that is what happens when you hot link to the forums support page - you don't get to see there is a new forum section purely for threads such as this!  Apologies - will close this one and re-post it in the (new to me) Suggestion box forum.


BTW - correct about the Bisque issue - but I use the Sky6 Professional Edition - trying for years to get them to even admit that the issue was on their side of the fence was an exercise in complete futility despite traces that showed it was and exactly where the issue stemmed from!

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