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How to set the capturing resolution for planetary video capturing


As the title says, how can I set the resolution at which my camera captures planetary videos?

It seems to be capturing at a very low resolution of around 800*600 px or something, while my camera supports Full HD (1080p @60FPS)


I could not find any setting in BackyardEOS to set the resolution


I have a Canon 7D Mark II in case this information is needed.

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People confuses resolution with quality all the time!


The short answer is you can't and you don't.  Your camera sensor is NOT a full HD resolution with a 16:9 ratio so anything that gives you that is actually poor quality for what we do.


What matters is pixel resolution, not HD resolution. 


What you want is a 1:1 pixel resolution, meaning 1 pixel on the sensor = 1 pixel on your file image (with no translation whatsoever).  With Canon cameras you get that resolution with live view 5X.


Anything else, including the camera built-in HD recording will NOT give you the quality the 5x live view zoom gives you.  Use 5X for planetary recording and never look back.


This is well documented here on the forum and in the user manual as well.


Hope this helps,

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