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Noise reduction bye time in Trial version



Hi folks, I am currently under the trial version and I ran into an old problem. I am using a nikon d90 as a camera. In long exposures (e.g 13s) I am getting the NR bye time (another 13s). I have already turned it off in the camera but no sucess. Is there anything I should check on the settings?

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Did you mean the Canon 90D or the Nikon D90 camera model? You posted to the Backyard EOS forum for Canon EOS camera owners. If your camera is a Nikon D90, please re-post to the BYN (Nikon) forum. The BYN Forum is where Nikon owners hang out.

Next "trial" is not a version it is a type of license. The version is a 3 part dotted decimal number, like 3.2.3 or 2.1.3. The Trial license activates all the features in the version, but requires an Internet connection and expires after 30 days.

For astrophotography, 13 seconds is a short exposure, although Nikon may call it a "slow shutter speed".

Not sure what you mean by "noise reduction bye time"?

The following assumes that you are trying to use BYN with a Nikon D90 camera.

I do not recall other Nikon users complaining about LENR staying on with BYN after it has been disabled in the camera. I do not believe that BYN "sees" or changes that setting, so this is not an "old problem" as you have indicated.

If you are talking about the "Long Exposure Noise Reduction" feature that the camera supports then there are a couple of things to try...The D90 only uses LENR on shutter speeds that are longer (slower) than 8 seconds. So I would try a 5 second exposure with BYN. Do you notice the same delay between when the shutter closes and the download starts? There is going to be a delay of a few seconds while the image is downloaded to the PC.

Another test is to disconnect the camera from the PC and take an 8 second shot. Do you see the same delay? If so, then it would appear that LENR is still on in the camera.

If you can get LENR turned off in the camera, then BYN should behave itself. Also your astro imaging time will be more productive if you leave LENR off and instead take separate dark frames with the telescope objective covered to prevent light from reaching the sensor.

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sorry for posting in the wrong channel. Thanks for the reply. Quite helpful and you got indeed the core of the point.
Yes,  I did disconnect the camera and took a 13sec shot. No delay inbetween photos. (I always keep the LENR off, actually).
Also did the 5 second exposure test on BYN and the same delay is there, meaning it stops for 5 seconds before taking the next photo. This is odd, as the LENR, even if on, should not kick in for exposure shorter than 8sec.

maybe I should re install BYN.


also gonna post the issue on the right channel


thanks again.

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