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Just got the free trial BYEOS 3.2.2 and was hoping to use the Save As Tiff feature with my Canon 6D modified. Tried it, but upon opening the TIFF it is monochrome, apparently raw 12 bit data in a 16 bit integer file. I was hoping for a deBayered RGB 16 bit TIFF. So I am to assume that deBayering is not a feature of Backyard EOS, only the in-camera produced .jpg is saved in 8 bit RGB?

For information, I have been having a lot of trouble finding software that can automatically take .cr2 files with my Canon 6D, dark subtract, flat correct, and deBayer accurately according to the in-camera settings for color balance (which is what I want--Canon's Digital Photo Professional does a beautiful job of this), stack multiple images, and output a 16 bit RGB TIFF.  I have almost gotten this from MaxIM DL, except for 2 steps, saving .cr2 dark, light, and frame calibrated files (FITS don't work properly apparently losing some of the in-camera settings data), and deBayering with the Canon settings (supported in interactive but not scripting). SharpCap is pretty good with most cameras but NOT Canon EOS. Deep Sky Stacker will work (sort of) but is not scriptable and does not automate the data collection. If anyone out there has an idea, I would like to hear it, but it seems Backyard EOS may be only a small part of the answer for me, so far though it seems like a very fancy intervalometer.

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ImagesPlus is kind of a dead product, but is free at mlunsold.com. The camera control software should capture your CR2 images and the processing software has Automatic Image Set Processing that can create master Darks and Flats from individual exposures and will Normalize, Debayer using the in-camera white balance setting, Calibrate with master dark and flat frames, Grade, Align, and Combine the pre-processed light frames as a 16-bit uncompressed TIF.

It also has a lot of other post processing capabilities, but the author has retired and started making the software available at interested users no cost.

It does have a bit of a learning curve, but there quite a few processing examples on the web site.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks Rick!  I downloaded the imagesplus camera control, connected to my camera indoors for testing and it outputs a 16 bit RGB tiff with perfect color rendition.  Not exactly conservative of disk space but I can use RGB tiffs for darks as well. Setting up a sequence is very similar to Backyard EOS as well as control of the camera's iso, shutter speed, etc. I'll stick with MaxIM DL for the dark subtraction, stacking, and stretching for now since the script is already written. I am excited to get a working EAA setup with my 6D where I can sit having a cocktail and talking to people about the cosmological implications of the concept of infinity while the instruments and computer do all the work. I just got a nice 42 inch OLED TV which connects wirelessly to the computer and can show the image while live stacking as a second monitor with a jet black background and no distracting windows.  WOO HOO!

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