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BYN and MC-DC2_USB2.0 cable



Received my MC-DC2_USB2.0 cable in the mail today.  Out of the delivery parcel I was impressed with the build quality.  I was suprised to find the length of the entire assembly to be more than expected, although in hindsight, it is a MC-DC2 with a USB connection attached so I shouldn't have been surprised.  Following Steve's instructions exactly as stated in his other thread, I went through the process of letting windows 7 identify the USB/Serial connection and connected up everything to the Nikon D5000.  Opening the BYN software and connecting the camera went as normal, camera connected just fine and I could do the search for the correct Serial connection.  Bulb exposure?  No problem whatsoever!!  I took random exposures from 1 second through 120 seconds at a wall across the basement.


To sum it up, Guylain's software and Steve's hardware adaptation have provided me with a long weekend of entertainment.  Will keep you posted on my progress if the skies ever clear.  It's a long holiday weekend here in Canada and I've got something exciting to look forward to.



Thank you Guylain and Steve!!!!



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“Success is not measured by the position one has reached in life, rather by the obstacles one overcomes while trying to succeed” ~Booker T. Washington


Finally had a weekend with relatively clear skies.  In the city, light pollution abundant, and low end equipment at best ... yet I consider it a success.


So you know where I've started here is the equipment used.

  • Meade LXD-75 mount (poor polar alignment).  I just plopped it in the yard, faced it North with Polaris in the polar alignment scope, and did an "Easy" 2 star alignment.  Tracking and pointing was pathetic!  LOL  It's what I've got and I'll make the best of it. Pointing and tracking can be improved when I don't have more exciting things to do.
  • Skywatcher 102 mm scope , FL 500 mm achro.  No guiding.
  • Nikon D5000 coupled to scope with 1.25 T adapter
  • Windows 7 laptop.  I only had BYN running until I get my hands wrapped around all the other programs and their integration into the flow of things.  
I could list the many things that went wrong but what's the point in dwelling on that?  I had a thoroughly enjoyable night and consider it a great success.  It is the first time I've done what I would consider an attempt at astrophotography with my own "rig".  


BYN did exactly what I expected it to do.  Sky glow limited me to 30 second Bulb exposures using the MC-DC2 USB cable from Steve.  Tracking at 30 seconds still showed the deficiencies rendering stars that aren't quite round but I think I can work with that in post processing and at least see some of what I was able to achieve.  40 lights, 25 dark and 25 flats are crunching away in DSS as I type.  I don't expect anything out of the final image that will be impressive but I am very pleased!  I've learned that lowering my expectations about 60% yields results that I can at least smile about.  LOLOL


It's a starting point and requires a big thank you to Guylain and Steve for getting me started.  One night of playing around and I think I feel the addiction!!!


We'll see how the image ends up and decide if it's worth the humility of sharing.  ;)



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Nope ... not gonna humiliate myself and post the image.  LOL  We'll just leave it as it's working ... 100% as far as I can tell.  I got an image with about 9 galaxies in it but it's really wide field, not much to look at.  But I am truly pleased for a first time attempt.  :-)



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