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  1. Yes, it does seem odd. My D5000 has worked flawlessy with the USB and Steve's DSUSB cable. Just in case, you do have both cables attached to the camera? The only times I have had any errors with my setup were if I over taxed my laptop during an imaging session or if the battery in the camera was low. It gets a bit "wonky" if you have low batteries. Normally, I've got BYN, Stellarium Scope, Stellarium and PHD running. All the hardware is attached through 1 older USB 4 port hub. If I have 1 or 2 more applications (astrotortilla or surfing the web for instance) running in the background, all bets are off. It's by no means a state of the art laptop so I'm not surprised.
  2. Nope ... not gonna humiliate myself and post the image. LOL We'll just leave it as it's working ... 100% as far as I can tell. I got an image with about 9 galaxies in it but it's really wide field, not much to look at. But I am truly pleased for a first time attempt. :-)
  3. “Success is not measured by the position one has reached in life, rather by the obstacles one overcomes while trying to succeed” ~Booker T. Washington Finally had a weekend with relatively clear skies. In the city, light pollution abundant, and low end equipment at best ... yet I consider it a success. So you know where I've started here is the equipment used. Meade LXD-75 mount (poor polar alignment). I just plopped it in the yard, faced it North with Polaris in the polar alignment scope, and did an "Easy" 2 star alignment. Tracking and pointing was pathetic! LOL It's what I've got and I'll make the best of it. Pointing and tracking can be improved when I don't have more exciting things to do. Skywatcher 102 mm scope , FL 500 mm achro. No guiding. Nikon D5000 coupled to scope with 1.25 T adapter Windows 7 laptop. I only had BYN running until I get my hands wrapped around all the other programs and their integration into the flow of things. I could list the many things that went wrong but what's the point in dwelling on that? I had a thoroughly enjoyable night and consider it a great success. It is the first time I've done what I would consider an attempt at astrophotography with my own "rig". BYN did exactly what I expected it to do. Sky glow limited me to 30 second Bulb exposures using the MC-DC2 USB cable from Steve. Tracking at 30 seconds still showed the deficiencies rendering stars that aren't quite round but I think I can work with that in post processing and at least see some of what I was able to achieve. 40 lights, 25 dark and 25 flats are crunching away in DSS as I type. I don't expect anything out of the final image that will be impressive but I am very pleased! I've learned that lowering my expectations about 60% yields results that I can at least smile about. LOLOL It's a starting point and requires a big thank you to Guylain and Steve for getting me started. One night of playing around and I think I feel the addiction!!! We'll see how the image ends up and decide if it's worth the humility of sharing. ~Andy
  4. My cable has been received and is 100% operational! Thank you Steve. I've started another thread with details. ~Andy
  5. Received my MC-DC2_USB2.0 cable in the mail today. Out of the delivery parcel I was impressed with the build quality. I was suprised to find the length of the entire assembly to be more than expected, although in hindsight, it is a MC-DC2 with a USB connection attached so I shouldn't have been surprised. Following Steve's instructions exactly as stated in his other thread, I went through the process of letting windows 7 identify the USB/Serial connection and connected up everything to the Nikon D5000. Opening the BYN software and connecting the camera went as normal, camera connected just fine and I could do the search for the correct Serial connection. Bulb exposure? No problem whatsoever!! I took random exposures from 1 second through 120 seconds at a wall across the basement. To sum it up, Guylain's software and Steve's hardware adaptation have provided me with a long weekend of entertainment. Will keep you posted on my progress if the skies ever clear. It's a long holiday weekend here in Canada and I've got something exciting to look forward to. Thank you Guylain and Steve!!!! ~Andy
  6. Actually, per Guylain's approach, I believe we are still in the Pre-Flight Tests. One would hate to Reach the end of the Launch Countdown before knowing that the Rocket can not only achieve initial Lift-Off, but can actually reach Orbit with all the stages and components necessary to carry out the intended Mission... (OK, stretched that metaphor rather far... ) (and, drop BackyardNIK out of that cadence...) Okay ... I edited my post to remove the name that Guylain would prefer NOT to have associated with his endeavour. I understand why after reading other posts, had no idea the negative connotation of the shortened word. Learned something new today. I associated it with the ending of Sputnik and/or the webster definition of "a person connected to an activity, an organization, a movement, etc." and thought it rather novel. I stand corrected and apologize for my over-excitement. As for lift off ... just a perspective ... but it sure seems to me like BYN has more than fired it's rockets with great success and with a few tweaks will more than successfully circle the globe. I'm not opposed to changing the flight plan en route. LOL
  7. BackyardNikon, BYN ... call it what you'd like, I'm just appreciative to call it mine! I agree BYN makes sense. Houston, we have lift off!
  8. I'll add my thumbs up and round of applause!!! Good job Steve! ~Andy
  9. Let me do some more testing on it and work up a quote. It will be much cheaper than the Shoestring Astronomy DSUSB kit! -Steve Wonderful Steve!! Cheaper and more ergonomic as always a bonus. I'll do my best to be patient and eagerly wait to hear from you. ~Andy
  10. Steve - "more info" was just my plea for advice on how can I get one too? GREAT innovation but when it comes to USB serial RTS communication stuff I haveno idea what is what. I'm completely ignorant when it come to computer hardware integration. Guylain - I will indeed search your booth out and introduce myself. Looking forward to AstroCATS. :-)
  11. You've peaked my curiosity. Do you have more information available? or is it a top secret work in progress? There is an astronomy exhibit coming up that I'll be going to in a couple of weeks. I was hoping to score a DSUSB cable ... but alternatives always get my attention. ~Andy
  12. Works like a charm on the D5000. Connects, acquires images, frame and focus ... unfortunately I can't do the Bulb test as I don't have a DSUSB cable ... yet. Everything else works tickety boo!! Thank you sir!! And now the fun begins. :-) ~Andy
  13. Where's the LIKE button? LOL Seriously, thanks for all your hard work. Looking forward to 01c. Happy Easter!
  14. And it says the temp is -17.8C ... BRRR!! Not to mention it's cloudy too. LOLOL Gonna crash for tonight ... why do today what we can put off until tomorrow?
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