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BackyardEOS and BackyardNIKON are Windows only software. MAC version is not available!

BackyardEOS 3.2.0 2020-08-05

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About This File

BackyardEOS is Windows only software!

Take control over your Canon DSLR. Purpose built for astrophotography.

There is no separate download for the Trial, Classic, or Premium Edition.  Your software activation key will automatically enable the functions you are entitle to.

This is commercial software.  This download requires a software activation key upon installation. 

You can find your activation keys in your client area under "My Purchases -> Orders" from the top menu bar. 

To get your free 30-day trial key you need to add BackyardEOS Trial Edition in your cart and proceed to checkout.  This process is necessary to allow the activation server to generate a key.  You will not be asked to enter a credit card number during checkout of a free trial key.

What's New in Version 2020-08-05


NEW FEATURE: (Premium) Default plan load at start up if plan name default.txt exist.
NEW FEATURE: (Premium) Telescope SLEW to target.
NEW FEATURE: (Premium) Telescope CENTER on target (PLATE SOLVING).
NEW FEATURE: (Premium) ASTAP Plate Solver integration.
NEW FEATURE: (Premium) Ability to acquire RA/DEC coordinate from Telescopius URL.
NEW FEATURE: (Premium) Ability to acquire RA/DEC coordinate from selected target from Carte du Ciel.
NEW FEATURE: (Premium) Ability to acquire RA/DEC target name from selected target from Carte du Ciel.
NEW FEATURE: (Premium) Ability to acquire RA/DEC from connected telescope.
NEW FEATURE: Added DARK_FLAT option in imaging session plan.
NEW FEATURE: Added Canon 850D / T8i support
NEW FEATURE: Added Canon 1D C support
CHANGE: Canon SDK 13.12.31 update
CHANGE: Serial cable test button moved closer to cable support pulldown.
CHANGE: Mirror lock field in capture plan is now hidden. See advance setting to enable it.
CHANGE: Microsoft .Net 4.5.2 update.
CHANGE: Structure Map IoC container update (attempt to fix install issues in BYE 3.1.18).
CHANGE: ASCOM dithering aggressiveness minor changes. May require that you adjust your aggressiveness setting.
CHANGE: ASCOM dither extra logging.
CHANGE: EULA update on install
CHANGE: Removed license fingerprint validation
CHANGE: ASTAP plate solve JPG priority over RAW.
CHANGE: Disabled enforceFIPSPolicy in .net config file.
BUG FIX: Save to card on some model was not working properly
BUG FIX: Abort not working when invalid plan detected
BUG FIX: Powerbox weather provider bug fix.
BUG FIX: Decimal parsing issue (attempt to fix 250D live view).
BUG FIX: RA/DEC rounding issue when = 60
BUG FIX: Parsing issue; comma vs period as decimal in some rare cases.
BUG FIX: 5x liveview zoom.
BUG FIX: Minor bug fix to address rare key not validating
BUG FIX: Canon EOS R/Ra BULB dial mode.
BUG FIX: Canon 250D / SL3 live view bug fix
BUG FIX: Canon 850D live view bug fix

*** For ASTAP you need to download and install ASTAP, both the "ASTAP Installer" and the "G17 star database installer".  Plate Solving (and telescope centering) will not work until these are installed.

"ASTAP Installer" 
"G17 star database installer"

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