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Found 2 results

  1. Sorry, I'm new at Backyard Nikon, and also to Nikon equipment. My problem is in trying to take planetary video, (camera is set to 'M') but I cannot alter the exposure time, which defaults to something like 15seconds. What am I doing wrong? Never had this issue on the Canon and BYEOS...trying to operate the Nikon similarly. Any suggestions?
  2. In the Planetary Imaging mode, in addition to the Frame Count as the limit for the completion of a Live View Capture, please consider adding a Capture Duration Time Limit too. This could be implemented as an alternative Limit on the Capture, or as a Combo "Whichever Condition is Met First" Limit. For most Lunar Imaging, there is no real reason (except maybe HDD Space or Sensor Heat) to limit the Video Capture Duration. For Jupiter (and a lesser extent Saturn), the physical Rotation of the Planet requires a Time Limit on the Duration of Video Captures - 3-3.5 minutes with Jupiter - before an External Derotation Process is required. Given that BYE determines the Potential Frame Rate at the beginning of every individual LiveView Capture, certain external conditions can influence the "Detected Frame Rate" (USB or HDD Contention, Background CPU Usage Spike, etc) or impact the "Actual Frame Rate" once Capture is commenced. It isn't too big a deal to end up with a 2-3 second under/overrun. But it would be helpful to have the Option to be Explicit.
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