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Found 4 results

  1. I might be duplicating a question, but I could not actually find an answer. I am wondering if/how to lock the mirror up while taking a number of shots. I use a Canon T3i (600D). Guylain asked, in another post's response, why you would want to do this. For me, the reason is that when I am taking 20 to 30 Flats where the exposure is a thousandth of a second, I would like to not hammer away at the mirror or the workings to raise and lower it. Rich
  2. I am in the process of selling my T3i and a prospective buyer wants to see a Dark Frame to see how much background noise is in a 5 minute exposure. I connected the T3i to my laptop and fired up BYE and set it to take 1ea 300 second sub. I didn’t notice the camera was set to ‘P’. BYE beeped and displayed ‘Make sure camera is set to MANUAL, turn dial to M’ in the View Log History display. At this point BYE locked up. Turning the camera to Manual didn’t fix the lockup. Clicking and holding the ABORT button for a ~10 seconds didn’t fix the lockup. I had to close BYE down and restart. Abort Delay was set to 0. I changed Abort Delay to 2 clicked APPLY and then SAVE and nothing changed. BYE still locked up. When I went back and checked ABORT DELAY it was set back to 0. Clicking APPLY and SAVE didn’t save the changes. I can reproduce these problems. I am running Win7 Professional and the camera FW is 1.0.3.
  3. Hello, I have recently purchased a copy of BYE for my Canon 6D EOS, which I plan to use for the 8/21 eclipse. Initial setup and linking to my camera was no problem. After setting up and saving a image program to explore some exposure brackets using a 99.9999 filter, I ran the image program, and successfully captured the images. Then the program "froze" and I needed to use Task Manager to get out (the images were successfully saved in the camera). I am running Windows 7 Professional on an HP Pro Book 4540s. Any ideas? jch
  4. Backyard EOS Premium 3.1.8 has a tendency to lockup that requires me to go into Win 7 Task-Manager and kill the app. Sometimes I also need to cycle power on my 6D to resolve the problem. BYE Processor Affinity and Virtual Mirror Lock are enabled. This lockup occurred 3 times Saturday and twice the weekend before. These problems have never occurred using Canon’s EOS Utility or Lightroom. My setup is as follows: I have my 6D connected to a 4 Port USB Hub that’s powered. This USB 2 cable is about 10" long. I connect this Hub to my Windows 7 Pro Lenovo laptop using a 3 meter USB Repeater Cable. Windows 7 is up to date and I am running firmware 1.1.7 on the 6D. My 6D is connected to the 4 Port Hub along with an Orion SSAG and QHY PoleMaster. PHD Guide 2 release 2.6.2 is 'sometimes' running during image capture and BYE/PHD are dithering. PoleMaster isn’t running. My 6D is being powered by an external 12VDC to Cannon 6D power converter from Orion Telescope. I have tried to disconnect the power from the UBS Hub and the problems still occur. Problems usually occur between taking subs. As I mentioned above, I have never had problems with Canon’s EOS Utility or Lightroom. I bench-tested both of these during the day and no problems occurred. I took 50ea 5 minute subs without problems. Similar problems occur with my T3i. I know there's a .NET issue with memory allocation problem but these problems are something different. What are causing these problems? The log file is too large to attach. Where can I e-mail them?
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