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Found 3 results

  1. I am using BYE_3.2.1 with a Canon EOS-RP camera. The LiveView in BYE's "Frame and Focus" seems to transmit only a very small subset of the camera's LiveView 5X and 10X magnification capability. Here are the problems I experience: (1) I see no button or other control option in my Frame and Focus screen that allows me to set the camera's LiveView magnification factor. I must pause LiveView in Frame and Focus, physically go to the camera, restart LiveView on the camera LCD screen, select 5X magnification there, and finally restart LiveView on the BYE computer screen. (2) The 10X magnification option of the camera is not recognized by BYE at all; the BYE display is identical to the 5X display. (3) When I use the LiveView display on the camera LCD screen, I can scroll the magnifying window to any portion of the full camera image. The BYE Frame and Focus LiveView does not seem to permit this at all: it can only show the central portion (magnified) of the full camera image. Are these key LiveView capabilities actually absent from BYE, or am I not seeing some menu options that enable them?
  2. Dear, I use the Nikon Z50 and imaging works fine but when I click frame & Focus the application doesn't give a live image. I can take a snap and see the image but the button Live view seems to do nothing. Tried these things: Reset Nikon Z50 setting to factory defaults Checked Nikon firmware (=latest) Reinstalled my laptop (windows 10 Enterprise 64 bit) Installed a new laptop with Windows 10 Enterprise but 32 bit version Always the same result which makes achieving focus very hard. Firmware Nikon: C 1.10 LF 1.00 BackyardNikon version 2.0.11 Premium Do you have any suggestions? Clear skies. Tom
  3. I'm running BYEOS 3.1.17 and my Canon T7i/800D. First of all, I love BYEOS and it's taking wonderful shots, so no complaints at all. My question is about 2 things: 1) In Live View, I see quite a bit of noise moving around. I'm using my Laptop to connect with BYEOS. There's so much noise that it's difficult to see particular objects in the Live View unless I use Star-HD. This makes it challenging to focus using my bahtinov mask and is generally disconcerting. All the noise goes away when I take a photo, so it's only in Live View Frame and Focus that it's an issue. Is there some setting related to this? 2) What are the key settings to enable/disable for the T7i in BYEOS?
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