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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I used Beta 02h today for a bit of white light solar imaging with my D7100. All was fine imaging-wise but focusing was a major headache. In the end I resorted to using the camera's LCD screen instead. The problem was that (unless I've missed something ) there doesn't seem to be any means of altering the shutter or ISO in the actual live view (frame and focus or planetary). With stars this isn't an issue but with the Sun it makes it near-impossible (in my case anyway) to focus as you can't really see any detail such as sun spots. On the camera itself you have to switch to video mode for the shutter speed to affect the live view display but it does allow you to dial down the expose enough to be able to focus. However, as I've found out before, if the D7100's live view switch is left in video mode BYN shows completely blank (black) live view. I obviously turned off the 'Maximum Sensitivity' option. This allowed me to override the ISO and shutter but had no effect on the live view image. This is much the same as on the camera itself when LV is in 'camera' mode rather than 'video'. Also managed to completely lock up BYN a couple of times when changing the ISO with LV active (an API issue I suspect). On the subject of video, it would be nice if the BYN planetary capture could do more than 640x424 (unless I've missed another setting ). The D7100 itself captures video quite nicely at 1920x1080 giving loads of scope for cropping. What would be good for planetary would be to be able to capture a stream of frames with the mirror locked up perhaps cropped from the full 6000x4000 res - wishful thinking I suspect . Apart from these minor grumbles however it's an excellent product and i'm looking forward to purchasing the final version. Rich Bamford.
  2. Hi guys, I just patched my Nikon D5100 with hacked firmware. From the patches available I chose just the "Liveview Manual Control ISO/Shutter", so I cound control the exposure in planetary mode, keeping the other patch options disabled. Now, when I use 5x feature in Live view (both planetary and framing), I get green rectangle on the image (see attached file). The rectangle is visible on the recording as well. When I revert to original firmware, the rectangle is not there. Any ideas how the rectangle can be disabled? Thank you, Frank
  3. Hi The screen is black in Live View and any adjustment to ISO or Shutter Speed or ......... makes no change to the Live image. Taking the picture however and making adjustments you can see the changes. I also have a 5DIII and that works fine in Live View, I can make adjustments to the camera settings in LV and the changes take affect on the screen - increase ISO and the stars are brighter. The 1DX seems to have fixed setting in LV that result in a black screen. Up the ISO and Shutter time and still black in LV but take the shot and you can start to see the stars. Hope its an easy one. Using BYE 3.18 Premium. Various computers / laptop - same story. Thanks in advance.
  4. I'm trying the EOS software and when I put in Planetary mode it only records vídeo or jpg in low resolution. Is there any way to record live preview vídeo in full resolution. I have a EOS 5D MKIII. Thank you.
  5. My T4i does not allow manual setting of live view display gain which has been a big problem when using BYEOS frame and focus mode. I recently found that the exposure simulation mode of the camera SEEMS to base its video gain on the last known aperture when a lens was attached. If I last used a lens at F22, then attached a telescope to do some AP, Live View would be so dark as to be useless. But, if I opened the aperture to F2.8 BEFORE removing the lens or powering off, Live View was quite bright and useful during later AP work. If others can confirm this, It may open up a workaround to Live View gain control in BYEOS. Perhaps BYEOS can simulate a lens aperture value to the camera if a non EF lens is attached. If so, perhaps that could be made into a control on Frame and Focus?
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