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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I have the BYEOS premium edition, I am now wanting to set up a remote laptop, near my scope, to control from indoors, (I'm getting older and the cold is starting to get to me), I would like to use an old laptop outside, can I use the same license code on the second laptop or do I need to buy another license? Thanks. Mart.
  2. trackerau

    License Key

    I have purchased a new laptop and was trying to install BYE-P, it installed well but when I ran it I got a message that I had to enter the registration etc all 5 lines. The only registration # I now have for Premium Edition 3.1.7 ends in f6350-02489 the first 4 blocks are #. When I purchased BYE - P in March 2015 I had the full license key visible. I received an email as below: 5/03/2015 Thank you for your payment for BackyardEOS 3.1 Premium Edition. LICENSE KEYS ARE NO LONGER BEING SENT BY EMAILS: If this transaction was related to BackyardEOS or BackyardNIKON, you need to login on www.otelescope.com and click on your 'client area' (then click on the purchase tab) to access your license keys, including those of trial editions. Your payment has been received and your purchase is now active. I have gone to My Purchases to find the Lic Key but can see only one lic key for a Trial January 18, 2015. There are 2 more entries both dated April 13, 2016 1. BYE-C $35 Expired. 2. BYE-P $50 Cancelled Both have no serial number attached. Questions: 1. Do I have to renew this product each year? 2. Is my Mar 2015 expired? 3. What does expired mean? 4. Why aren't the previous purchases shown? Thanks Gavan
  3. Hello, my coupon code issued several years ago doesn't work. license code format is completely different, Please help.
  4. Bonsoir. J'utilise BYE 3.1.11 Version Premium sur un PC fixe et un Laptop ( les deux sont à jour sous W10 ) Aucun problème sur le Fixe par contre sur le laptop il m'a soudainement demandé de m'authentifier avec ma licence ?!. Après avoir rempli correctement les champs requis puis validé, il m'affiche le message suivant : "La référence d'objet n'est pas définie à une instance d"un objet" Lorsque je saisi sciemment un faux code il me renvoie logiquement invalid key. Je n'ai procédé a aucune modif sur le laptop depuis la dernière session... Merci. Seal.
  5. Chaz

    how to upgrade

    Having recently purchased the classic EOS I upgraded to premium for full control However, after numerous attempts to install the upgrade Im stumped. There is no auto update, no upgrade link, no window to insert new license key, etc etc...Would someone please point the way for this country boy before all hell breaks loose.....disregard the rant, here it is How to install UPGRADE Open current BYE Select lock icon in upper right corner Copy and Paste your new license key Insert your Identifier OK Close BYE Restart computer to accept changes
  6. Hi I downloaded the Backyard Nikon, but am unable to activate the licence. Can you please help Regards Pointman
  7. If I bought the premier version of Nikon but I shoot with both Nikon and Canon am I able to download the Backyard Canon under my Backyard Nikon Key or do I have to pay for both?
  8. I purchased BackyardEOS today, downloaded it and when I key in the license key and my user name I receive an error message indicating that there are no recognizable digits. I double checked the license key as well as my user name and the both match. I am running windows 10, but wouldn't think that a problem would be related to windows at this early stage. Can anyone help?
  9. Hi, i am using Backyard Nikon 1.04 on my MacBookPro (using Boot-Camp) most of the time, and sometime on VMware Fusion 8 (on the same computer), the same version of Windows 10. The problem is that each time i switch from Boot-Camp to VM, it display the license and ask for my user. It worked 5 or more times, but now, it said it not work because of to many activation. What is the solution to this license issue, it seem that switching from bare metal to virtual with the SAME windows OS deactivate the license. Should i buy two license for the same computer to fix that, it is possible to install two license on the same Backyard Nikon 1.04 to fix that, if not what can be done to fix that ? sylvain@devicom.com Bye
  10. License key is too long for the box. Ideas?
  11. glaraque


    I purchased BYE 6 months ago. MY computer HD no longer works. I have a license (a very long hex number) that I want to use. I am unable to download the software for that key. I got a trial, but the key is quite different from the one I have. What do I need to do? Gil
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