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Found 4 results

  1. JimmyJJA

    D810 Issues

    Help, 1st time posting... Just bought the byN premium and think its great software! I'm having some issues though... I've tried 2 scenarios: 1. Running Parallels with Win10 on MacBookPro OS High Sierra 10.13.4 and 2. Ran out and bought a HP Laptop running Intel Core i3 8th Gen and Win10 (yes, I want to get this working!!) I set up a capture plan on the Mac and it shot the correct number of shots, however the exposure times were off. When I switched to bulb I started getting the "you need a serial cable" issue. So I promptly went out and got a HP/IBM based laptop. Same quirky issues and the log files attached are from the HP/IBM laptop. The exposure times are off and the following error comes up when I hit Bulb in the capture plan: 19:03:03 Imaging session started. 19:03:04 Imaging session cancelled 19:03:04 [kNkMAIDResult_NotSupported] (kNkMAIDCommand_CapSet, 33042, kNkMAIDDataType_EnumPtr, 350152664) I updated the firmware in the D810 before all these tests, i'm thinking it may be the cable??? I had the camera set to M and S (as well as timer and Mup trying to diagnose the issue). Please let me know your thoughts (so I can return the HP/IBM, lol) Cheers, Jim logfile-[20180922-17h29m50s844]-[11432]-2018-09-22.txt logfile-[20180922-17h42m39s529]-[12972]-2018-09-22.txt logfile-[20180922-17h55m03s453]-[8720]-2018-09-22.txt logfile-[20180922-18h43m00s154]-[9064]-2018-09-22.txt
  2. Hello, can someone advise me why I can only take one exposure of a group containing more than one exposure when shutter = Bulb with my Nikon D810?? I tried the older 2015 initiation and the 2016 initiation, with the same result. I've also updated the firmware to the latest version. Camera settings are as follows: Dial set for a Single exposure, Menu item Electronic Front Curtain Synch = on, Auto Focus off, ISO Manual. Note: I tried it with Electronic Front Curtain Synch set to off, it doesn't matter. BYN Exposure settings - 2 Exposures, Shutter = Bulb, f1.4, 1 second, ISO 1600, no pause, mirror lock = 0. When I initiate the exposure the display says 1 of 2, the image is taken, then I see Aborting flash briefly on the screen, then Busy flashes, then the first image is downloaded, then I get a windows error sound. End of sequence. I tried multiple exposures with Shutter=1 second and all the exposures work fine, it just doesn't work on the Bulb setting. Thanks Claude
  3. I have searched the forum and support and don't see this question anywhere. I am using a trial version. I absolutely love the ability to focus on the PC and not stand on my head trying to focus the camera. I tested out the capture plan sitting at my desk and it all went perfectly. Then we went out to shoot last night. Everything was fine, I was able to focus with the Bhatinov mask. Then we went to take pictures. The first photo took, and then everything stopped. If I turned off the camera and back on, again I got the first photo and nothing more. I tried a different tethering program and same thing so it isn't necessarily a BYN problem. I spent some time trying to figure out what it could be and then it came to me. When I sit here at the desk I was using my camera with a Nikon lens attached. When I went out to the telescope I had a non-CPU lens. Has anyone else experienced this and if so what did you do to resolve?
  4. Hello, the camera support grid for BYN suggests that for "some models" of D810, the bulb setting might not work correctly. I looked for more details on the forum, but could not find related posts. I'm considering purchasing the D810, but before dropping almost $3k on it, I would like to be sure that it will work with BYN. Can somebody explain the nature of the issues referred to in the matrix? Thanks! Daniel
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