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Found 3 results

  1. My BYE premium has a tendency to crash fairly frequently after the first few images. I am connected, tracking, and capturing, then suddenly the screen freezes and I get a notice from Windows that BYE has stopped working and offers a choice to wait or close the program. My only real response is to close since it does not respond. Can someone help me with diagnostics or other info to help me troubleshoot this. It has been frustrating to say the least. Thank you. I really like the product and have had a blast using it.
  2. Hello, I am using BYN 1.0.5 with a Nikon D800e on windows 10. When I try running BYN I can connect to the camera fine, but when I try to use frame and focus the program crashes. When I try to restart It gets as far as loading the UI then stops again. At that point I need to reboot the PC. I did notice a background worker task still running after it crashes when trying to use live view. I ended that task, but I still need to reboot again to run BYN. I attached the log file for when BYN stops when trying to use frame and focus. Has anyone seen this behavior before? Any Ideas? Cheers! Mike logfile-20160505-22h54m19s651-6724-2016-05-05.txt
  3. Intermittently during a photo session with my Dell Latitude E6500 running BYN and PHD2 the system will suddenly freeze. I have waited all night for it to unfreeze nor trying to get the systems attention by traditional means can I get the system back. I have to power-down the laptop to bring it back. I have loaded only the "bare essential" applications and the most bare essential background tasks. I suspect I'm getting COM port conflicts. Is there a "best practices" for laptop configuration and/or diagnostic routine I can implement to increase system reliability during a session? Thanks, Nathan
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