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We are Canada's first and only 10Micron dealer.  O'Telescope is a 10Micron Technical Assistance Dealer; we are certified by 10Micron to sell and service 10Micron mounts in all of North America.

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  1. 10Micron: This special option for the AZ2000 Mount allows to use two (or more) optics side by side.
    This special accessory is dedicated to the AZ2000 HPS Mount and allows the use of two or more optics in a side by side setup, Optimizing the load of the Mount and taking advantage of the altazimuth configuration.

    The Double telescope option i s compatible with all the plates used on the GM2000 series, inlcuded the dual plates Loduel and Maxidual; in this way is possible to use directly 4 optics, 2 per side.

    Designed to offer a great sturdiness with no flexures, is all made from machined aluminized alloy. You can order the AZ2000 HPS Mount already configured with the Double Telescope option, or buy it after as an accessory.

    $1,807.00 USD
    Special Order

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  2. 10Micron: Altazimuthal mount, exclusive 10Micron HPS technology with absolute axis-encoders and high performances motor drives; payload capacity of 50 Kg (110 lbs)
    This mount is the last version of the AZ2000, an altazimuth mount based on the mechanics of the GM2000. The AZ2000 HPS is a very versatile research mount, perfect for scientific activities such as satellite tracking, photometric and astrometric measurements, LiDaR laser applications and so on. Due to its altazimuthal design, this special mount isn’t suitable for astrophotography and for most of the amateur activities.
    The original AZ2000 was also produced in the special “Antarctica” version, which was able to work at the extreme low temperature of -84°C (-119F). Special mechanical and electronic considerations were necessary in order to design and produce this peculiar mount: from the correct choice of material and sizes to the use of special and very expensive lubricants, wiring and connectors. A special housing was also designed to protect against temperature and ice crystals formation and which needed different levels of seals depending on the effective operational temperature.

    $13,970.00 USD
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