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  1. Found my lost frames. They were in the BYE EOS library folder instead of the EOS folder. Sorry for the confusion.
  2. I took 15 dark frames today but I think my USB cord wasn't completely plugged in so they didn't download to my laptop. Is there a way to download them after the fact. Canon 60D/BYE version 3.1.18. Thank you. Wayne
  3. Guylain, did you get my last msg? I'm unable to retrieve my roadrunner email account. It's been several years and roadrunner no longer exists. Where do we go from here? Thank you. Wayne Archard
  4. I looked up the Key # and the date is 4-17-15. The number is correct.
  5. I tried two old @roadrunner.com emails. It didn't work
  6. I'm not sure of the date. It may well have been before 2015. Is there some way to reset this account? Wayne
  7. Guylain under my purchases it says I have no orders. I have tried every email username I have used for several years to no avail. I keep a password booklet and the only thing it shows for O'telescope is username warch67 and password <<password deleted>>. I don't know what else to tell you. Wayne
  8. I upgraded to the latest version of BYE today but when I tried to use it I got a validation pop up box asking for my log in user name. When I entered it, it said it wasn't valid. It's the same user name I logged into this site with. What's up? I wanted to do some imaging tonight but can't if I can't get BYE to work. Wayne Archard
  9. Please disregard my question. I found the answer in settings.
  10. I have a modified Canon 60D used with BYE Classic version 3.1.3. I set the camera to RAW but it regularly switches to RAW + L or even S1 by itself when hooked to BYE. Any thoughts? Thank you. Wayne Archard Florida USA
  11. Thanks for the help. I forgot I had uninstalled EOS Utility from the computer a while ago. I'll reinstall it and give it a try.
  12. I have a Canon 60D camera and a 64 bit laptop running vista. I downloaded both BYE 3.03 and 3.1. When I try to connect I get a buzzing sound and it fails to connect. I am using a USB cable to connect the camera and computer. The camera is turned on. I'm clicking on the DIGIC 4 image to connect. Any ideas. Thanks. I have a newer computer running windows 10 and it connects fine but I prefer to use the older one for now if possible.
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