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  1. BYE and BYN don't contain any code to run on Mac (with or without VM), they don't need to indeed. But sometimes small details can create problems on VM (Nikon SDK not talking nicely through virtual machine) and Guylain was really admirable to always try to figure out what's the problem and willing to do something, if he can, to make his app(s) working also on a VM environment. Like it happened in the past when I helped Digicam dev, small changes (not dedicated code) make the app more compatible with a VM. That's what I meant On a different problem, when I told him about the LiveView of BY
  2. Not relevant to discussion, was just the usual funwar I just don't think is good to confuse operating system/hardware/brands...different stuff. If you're on Hackintosh and use OSX as well than you're an OSX user, but not a Mac user. And if you use OSX you're an Apple user indeed. Only difference with me is that I'm not a PC user but a Mac user (hardware, even if we share basic architecture), apart from that we run same stuff (I have a full Windows7 on bootcamp also as Mac runs natively Windows). This is important becayse BYN runs on Mac, Mac users make no difference what operating
  3. Hey Gillie, funny how we users of Parallels are not considered 'Windows' users, isn't it? We're not PC users for sure (luckily!), but Windows users equally even if 'on demand' only when we need it for compatibility Ok jokes aside, your Macbook doesn't have USB3 so you won't have the USB3 switch on Parallels. Anyway you said you were able to connect in the past, so it must work I suppose now as well. I'm not sure what could be, as the others said make sure the camera is visible by Windows, first of all checking that when connected and switched on is then assigned to Parallels and
  4. Hi Rick, I sadly don't know much about the Canon EOS, but yes for Nikon I'm saying that at least on D750 (and other high end models) is definitely possible to do that: same rectangular region at higher resolution, no upsampling or zooming unless you go obviously over 1:1 crop, and that can improve massively the visual and measurements quality. I admire Guylain for his work, converting BackayrdEOS to Nikon must have been a royal pain in the **s. Might be that EOS version already works better for the Live View, for sure Nikon LV at the moment is not very useful..but is version 1 so is no
  5. Hi Rick, sorry but you're not right on this, I worked a bit on the Nikon SDK as well, my screenshots were showing what I mean. There's no upsampling per se, just resampling as it happens always. Nikon Control in Windows shows the liveview I showed you in the same way as OSX If you carefully check my screenshots, and where I zoomed in (highlights given by the rough surface of telescope), there's no way upsampling of the general view produces that: those details (or look at the chromatic aberrations for example) were just not present in the zoomed out Live View. Basically liveview w
  6. Hi Guylain, not a problem, if you need some testing on a d750 (that is good to test as well d610 and d810) let me know, you can take my address from my user account. About the live view, as you said BYN is doing a digital zoom and not a crop, that means that on stars (usually quite small) the calculations performed on live view (focus etc.) are way off. I tried BYN Bahtinov Focusing with my bahtinov mask, and although the pattern was cropped and clearly visible on Nikon Control or camera display(cropped), it was instead barely visible on BYN zoom box because of the digital zoom and
  7. Hi Guylain, I tried nothing changes. To make sure it's not a limit of the Nikon SDK I tried, during the day, same LiveView from BYN and from Nikon Camera Control. I think it shows clearly how, somehow, BYN uses a much lower quality stream of the LiveView, that obviously affects both automatic pixel measurements and eye evaluations (Bahtinov mask, aligning etc.). Below the LiveView from Nikon Camera Control: And below is the exact same LiveView from BYN...it is clearly a lower resolution/bandwidth stream both in general and detailed view: Any clue? It
  8. Hi, I tried this as well but nothing changes, and yes I have Exposure simulation always on. To make it even more clear, I made a test and screenshots so I can show you exactly what I mean when I say that BYN actually just zooms digitally in the full screen low resolution live view instead of actually cropping in and showing that smaller part, that means all measurements are not accurate because is just a digital zoom. In the image below you see a screenshot of BYN liveview. Then on the left there's another image, just under the zoom box, that is just the white zoom box zone of the
  9. Hi Guylain, I downloaded and tested the new version. I found two problems with it: 1) when starting, I get this error on Windows XP 32bit (I click 'Continue' and it continue loading, and shooting/focusing/planet modules seem to work anyway..but the error definitely seems a problem with something about 64/32 bit compatibilities?) 2) Now using any shutter other than bulb starts the countdown correctly, but still not properly: it doesn't detect the Exposure Delay Mode (that instead Bulb recognises correctly). So I have on camera an Exposure Delay of 2s, BYN starts the countdown w
  10. Hi Guylain, thanks for fixing that bug, cannot wait for new version it would save some time! I subscribed to file changes as you suggested and I'll do also for new versions. I'll give the live view a test later. What I mean by minor quality is that basically live view zoom in BYN seems like a 'digitally zoomed in' version of the screen-fitting live view (like a digital zoom), and not a 'cropping' of the original high resolution live view. This does not happen using LiveView on the camera lcd. This is very easily noticeable as I use a Bahtinov mask to focus: 'cropping in' the live v
  11. That's brilliant thank you, I'll report if I find anything else. I really enjoyed using it last night, quite useful interface functions (for me) in particular for the focusing, and it seems quite stable as well. Are updates automatically checked by the program at startup? Or do I have receive emails if any new version? Looking forward to test it further before trial expires so I can be sure and buy the license, it works really well. Any chance (not sure is possible due to bandwidth over usb) to have a better LiveView preview? When zoomed in the quality is not comparable to the one
  12. Yesterday I had some clear skies so I did some preliminary tests of BYN on Parallels VM/Windows XP 32bit and a Nikon D750. So far the only 'bug' (I think) I discovered is this one: - when shooting using shutter to any value apart from 'BULB', there's a problem. For example I select 5 (seconds), I click Preview or Start session, and BYN triggers the camera but starts the countdown only AFTER the 5 seconds are finished. So when the camera closes the mirror, BYN thinks the exposition is starting, while it just finished. So the countdown goes and in the meantime it says 'Downloading' (beca
  13. Guylain thanks for your reply Because I'm stubborn I kept going on with tests. And I actually SOLVED the problem! (if anyone will have the same). In Parallels the solution is to enable the USB3 support (I have a latest generation USB3 Macbook with a powered USB3 hub on the mount with all my equipment connected). Enabling USB3 in Parallels solved the problem, now BYN can connect to the D750! I suppose is because latest Parallels is native on USB3 and not old USB2 for Macbooks having USB3 ports? Anyway it works, including USB bulb shutter release and Liveview. Hopefully will be
  14. Hi, I don't think I was not abusing anyone...quite the opposite I was a user wishing to pay and just reporting something, nothing else, because I'm not the only one at my astronomy club with this problem. And by all means the problem is not BYN but the Nikon SDK Digicamcontrol has everything (planner, PHD drizzling integration, liveview) I need, other things are missing and others are unique to Digicam...anyway that's not the point, I just hope some day I'll be able to try BYN and on my actual setup, not going to change it because of one single software not working. Let's hope may
  15. Hi, thanks for your replies I tried it with Windows 8 on the same VM (Parallels), same problem. Camera works ok on a native Windows XP (no VM). There's no communication option in the D750 for USB, it just works. Thanks for explaining about the Nikon SDK, sadly it's (in)famously known to be very iffy...that's why it doesn't work (is a known issue) on VM because it requires unneeded and not standard privileged access. Good luck with BYN, I'll keep using Digicam and the others (none of them using Nikon SDK, don't why you use that but I'm sure you have your good reasons You ju
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