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  1. I am having the same issue. I re-installed the previous version (17) and works find. Downloaded and re-installed again the version 18 without success. What should I do?
  2. Hi Guylain, Are you selling the Stickstation? I searched in your webpage however, I couldn't find it. Any information will be highly appreciated. Many thanks, Diego
  3. Hi Guylain, Dumb question but, I wondered if there is any advantage in having the noise reduction feature enabled in a Canon 550D. I am guessing not considering that I'll be subtracting the noise with the dark frames when stacking... Just asking! Many thanks, Diego
  4. Hello All, Thanks for your comments and thoughts! As s3igell has mentioned, in my case I would have to do drive around 2 hrs to get dark skies so battery life would be a must. Find a decent and affordable laptop that fulfils both performance and battery life is almost impossible so I guess I will get something with more toward to the battery side. In this case, I will try for find something with very good battery life but not powerful (probably a Pentium or i3) for image capture. Then, I would use something more powerful at home for processing.
  5. Hello there, I wondered if anyone could provide recommendations in term of recommended laptop/pc configuration (screen size, processors, RAM memory, etc) to smothly run BY OES and other image processing software. The system requirements listed on this page are: Operating System Windows XP, Vista, W7, W8 Architecture 32 or 64 bits (some cameras will only work on 32 bits computers, see camera grid) Memory 2GB (4GB or higher recommended) Screen Resolution 1024x600 (1024x768 or higher recommended) Miscellaneous Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 How about processors? Should I have/use a iCore 5 or 7? Would the new Pentium process work fine? I haven't use the Backyard OES or any other software for image processing so I am planning to acquire a new laptop for this purpose and also to control the telescope in some cases. I own a Advanced VX 8Edge HD. Many thanks and clear skies!
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