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  1. I found the problem! Thank you for advising me to reset the camera to the default settings, everything started working right away. I slowly enabled the desirable parameters and tested the BYN multiple exposures group function. When I turned on LENR the problem described in the original email showed up. So the problem is when LENR is turned ON; the first image in the sequence is taken, downloaded and the sequence then aborts. I tried to lengthen the BYN Pause parameter to allow for LENR processing but the problem still persisted. So using in-camera noise reduction is not possible at this time (: . I suppose that is what stacking, dark frames, flat frames and all that other fun stuff is all about. So thank you for helping find the issue. Claude
  2. Hello, can someone advise me why I can only take one exposure of a group containing more than one exposure when shutter = Bulb with my Nikon D810?? I tried the older 2015 initiation and the 2016 initiation, with the same result. I've also updated the firmware to the latest version. Camera settings are as follows: Dial set for a Single exposure, Menu item Electronic Front Curtain Synch = on, Auto Focus off, ISO Manual. Note: I tried it with Electronic Front Curtain Synch set to off, it doesn't matter. BYN Exposure settings - 2 Exposures, Shutter = Bulb, f1.4, 1 second, ISO 1600, no pause, mirror lock = 0. When I initiate the exposure the display says 1 of 2, the image is taken, then I see Aborting flash briefly on the screen, then Busy flashes, then the first image is downloaded, then I get a windows error sound. End of sequence. I tried multiple exposures with Shutter=1 second and all the exposures work fine, it just doesn't work on the Bulb setting. Thanks Claude
  3. I'm sending out a general question requesting suggestions on what to use to process NIKON RAW NEF files once I've captured all the proper light and calibration frames with BYN? Do most people use Photoshop or is there another program out there? Thank you for letting me indulge in this question in the BYN support forum. Claude
  4. Thank you so much for making BYN. Finally we have something decent for NIKON DSLR astrophotography, keep up the great work. Can I upgrade to the new release for free? Thanks Claude
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