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  1. Sorry for the late reply. I did indeed mean that I couldn't start the recording from BYN. The mirror flips up when I click the "planetary" tab but nothing happens when I click record.
  2. Liveview works normally on the camera screen and Nikon's own camera control pro was able to display the liveview on the PC. I therefore think we can rule camera malfunction. I'm not aware of any setting capable of disabling liveview, let alone having enabled that setting.By all accounts it should work...
  3. Well, things have just gotten more confusing... Or then again, maybe not. I was unable to start a recording, clicking the button simply didn't do anything while making a recording the normal way works perfectly. I also tried it on another computer with a different cable and got the same result. So it's either a conflict between BYN and my particular camera, or some setting neither of us has thought of yet. So far I've tried the following settings: live view mode (handheld/tripod), movie resolution, video mode (PAL/NTSC), HDMI resolution, flicker reduction frequency and synchronizing date & time with my PC, all to no avail. Not sure what else I can try.
  4. Thanks for the replies. This was during the day, testing new software at night is not the best idea. There are no settings in the D3s that disable liveview that I'm aware of. I installed a trial version of camera control pro and it has no difficulty showing the liveview so we can rule out any camera setting / USB cable issues.
  5. I gave BYN a try today and if I understand correctly, I should be able to get liveview from my D3s with only the USB cable. However when I go to the frame&focus tab, I hear the mirror go up but I'm only getting a black screen. If I take a preview in the imaging tab it displays perfectly. I've tried with several USB cables, tried rebooting my PC, disconnecting & reconnecting the camera but to no avail. Does anyone have any ideas?
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