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  1. Hi, today I have uninstalled the version I had and installed the latest version in a different folder. I will give that a go. My apologies for being computer illiterate I do my best which all to often is not good enough. I looked around on my laptop and found, what I think, the way to send log files, maybe I will need to try that in the future. Also after delving into my AV software I think I have found a way of turning either one or more of the four things that are running in that AV software. Something I may have back to front is the length of time I can leave my camera turned on, it may be that I would need to leave things running all night. Thank you for your help and understanding.
  2. Hello there thanks for your replies. Idid as s3igell suggested but sadly the program crashed after a time maybe a few hours. I have tried to send a log file but as usual I can’t, so. my camera is a Canon 600d it was set on M with iso 200 bulb and f/5.6. I used the short cable that came with the camera, from the camera to the laptop. The laptop is a Dell 1500. The version of bye is 3.1.17. Premium edition I had live view active and after about 1hour I swapped from frame and focus to Imaging then after about another hour I swapped back. I looked at the laptop at 7.29 and the program had crashed as I had a message that said ‘program not responding’ I am not sure what to do if I need to reinstall !!!
  3. Hi, my cable is an active repeater and is 5 m long. The program crashes not matter which page I am on, frame and focus as well as Imaging. How do I turn my antivirus off and then back on after checking things? my camera is a Canon 600d.
  4. Hi thanks for the answer. The camera is a Canon 600d, the version, I believe is the latest one but without starting up the laptop again, not sure which version number. It happens to crash in Imaging, frame and focus in fact even when I’m not doing anything specifically. The cable I have been using varies between two meters and five meters. It crashes which ever one I’m using. I have not tried using a port on the other side of the laptop but I will. The battery I use was topped up after being on charge for hours, even tried different batteries. I Haagen a ZWO 120 camera that I could try, does bye support ZWO?
  5. Hi, I purchased the premium version of this software but it keeps crashing. My laptop is a few months old and Marybeth I have done something wrong. Can anyone tell me why it keeps crashing. When it crashes I get a message that says ‘program not responding close program’. Why? Do I need to reinstall and if so what do I do, don’t want to make any mistakes.
  6. Nelson

    New laptop.

    Hi I feel sure I have asked this before but for a few reasons I need to ask again. I have just purchased a new laptop and want to load BackyardEOS onto it. I have a Premium licence and I have my original key ( numbers) what do I do? I needed a new laptop due to problems on the older one. Please help.
  7. Nelson

    Reticule screen.

    Thanks for that, yes I now have found it. I connected to the camera and went into frame and focus but then I had to go into live view and there it was. Cheers.
  8. Nelson

    Reticule screen.

    Hello I have a Celestron AVX Mount and have downloaded the CPWI software so that I can control my mount from inside the house, more importantly, so that I can carry out a star alignment after polar alignment, but when carrying out the star align I need to Centre the selected star before moving on to the next star. I open Byeos but for the life of me I cannot find a reticule which I need to accurately Centre the star. Is there a reticule?
  9. Nelson

    Latest version

    Hello, I am sure this has been asked in the past but what do I do to check for the version and also what do I do to upload the latest version. I have the Premium version but have not upped the version for ages so I have forgotten. Could you help please? Regards Melvin Atkins
  10. Hi Guylain yes both the longer cables are repeater ones. What I don’t understand is that the old usb2 cable worked fine but not now.
  11. Hi everyone I have now bought a new repeater usb3 cable and tried the connection with firstly the old, usb2, repeater cable then my new usb3, instead of using a cable that is either 15 meters (usb2) long or 5 meter cable (usb3) I plugged the camera, using the canon cable, directly into my laptop then I plugged in the new usb 3 cable and the older usb2 into the usb3 port. Everything worked ok but when I tried the usb2 and usb3 cable in the usb2 port it froze when I went into frame and focus. So it appears that the usb3 port is the one I have to use but this was not always the case, as it (usb2) worked perfectly in that port. I have the premiere version 3.1.61. I have not used the system or program at night for quite a while been concentrating on the Sun. Has something happened in the updates I.e taken usb2 out and we now have to us sub3 port?
  12. Tonight as it was a clear night I decided to set up my scope and connected my Canon T3i but the program kept freezing and I had to restart the program time and again, I turned of my laptop and tried the program again but when I went into ‘frame and focus ‘ it froze again, in the end I gave up. Any ideas please. I have the Premium version. It asked me for verification before allowing me to open the program, it has never done that before. Anyone help please.
  13. Nelson

    As I’m tracking

    Thanks for the quick reply. Once I have fitted the focuser too the scope I will do as you say. Once again thank you.
  14. Nelson

    As I’m tracking

    Hi I have watched (twice) your video but cannot find any explanation regarding attaching a focuser and how to use Byeos to control it. Can you advise please. My focuser is a Sesto Senso and my scope is an Explore Scientific 127ar. Thank you in advance.
  15. Hi I purchased the premium version back in 2015 and have been using it since then but I want to update it to the latest version, the version I have is 3.1.16, is there a newer version and can I update to it free? If so how, I opened Byeos and after clicking on the lock icon at the top right hand side of the page, I then got a screen asking for the licence key, which I input along with various user names but after hitting the validate key all I got was a message saying no symbols identified, what I need is an idiots guide to do this. Can you help please?
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