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  1. I purchased a copy of BackyardEOS in 2015. I haven't logged in until today since I wanted to add another camera to tether that wasn't supported in that version. I copied my product key to a folder on my desktop. The keycode copied had many more characters than the 25 which show up when you start the program. I counted an additional 144 of them! I didn't remember my login password, so had to request a reset. Once doing that and logging in I found my "join" date matched, but there were no purchases listed. Since I had my key I went ahead and downloaded the new file. My original version still works, but when I try to enter my key code into the validator for the new version, it appears to want 30 characters. It says "Key Length Invalid" Entering any more of the additional characters I have doesn't work either. Is my previous version so far out of date that I need to purchase a new license?
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