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  1. LOL.... I did not even see that....
  2. I do not see that option. This is the only PC that I run BYN on - well, the only one I use for imaging.
  3. Well, this gets a little stranger - the other night all seemed to be working well, then I received this error. Since I was in the middle of a sequence, I let it go and hit continue. It continued on, but spawned another instance of BYN. Maybe a de-install and re-install?
  4. Sorry for the delay in answering.... I did not see any .net updates, but when I ran the Windows Update it said everything was up to date. Kevin
  5. Hmmm - ok.... I will check and get back to you, but observatory is shutdown and I am gone for a couple days. Kevin
  6. I just sent them. And yes, V4 .net Kevin
  7. I will check later - but a Windows 10 machine. I will check the .Net version. Anything in the logs help? It only happened once last night - I was out for about 3 hours - but most of the time capturing images. As I said, this is really random. Kevin
  8. krphotogs

    Frame & Focus

    I know when I ask this question, I will figure it out myself.... but quite often when trying to do a F/F with a D500, I get a lot of noise on the display. I am missing something on the settings.... anyone??? Kevin
  9. So, it happened tonight while doing a frame and focus. Clicking on F/F to turn it off, then back on it worked fine. See attached. Kevin
  10. No, I tried a few times before upgrading. But, it is intermittent so not easily reproduced. I will take a screen shot the next time it happens.
  11. My initial thought was a memory issue, but there are no errors reported that I saw. When I have seen it I am running Stary Nights, phd2 and BYN as well as misc drivers like ascom. Kevin
  12. Everything that is white is greyed out. The only thing visible is the top row. I wait a bit, then click F/F to turn it off and all the dis0lays return to normal. Going back into F/F normally works. It is randomn and I have never seen it happen twice in a row. kevin
  13. No no no, you misunderstood me. When it happens the white shows what is empty (I took a screen shot and blanked it out to simulate what happens). When I see it, It is grey not white. When I turn F/F off everything comes back. Typically the next time I go into frame and focus it works. I will hook everything up in my observatory over the weekend and try to replicate. Sorry for the c9nfusion, I was only trying to show what was blanked out. Kevin
  14. Ok, just realized I was on 2.0.6 (I normally update everything in the spring) - so did it now. I tried a few times and nothing, but the jpeg attached is how it looks when it occurs. However, the screen is grey and not white Kevin
  15. Yeah... right after I posted that I thought a picture might help. If I wait for the weather to clear here it may be a while, but I will try to reproduce it. Kevin
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