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  1. I was trying to use my nikon Z6 with backyard nikon. It connected but when I tried the frame and focus it did not work I had image in my camera but never got live view in the computer. Everything else works fine and was able to image in spite of the problem with frame and focus. (Got best focus possible in the camera screen) IS there any way to fix this?
  2. mlois

    Nikon Z6

    Is the current backyard nikon able to control nikon z6? If not would it be possible to add it on the next update/upgrade?
  3. THank you all Ioptron finally aknowledge the problem This is their response Now I remember this issue with BYC. There is no solution at this moment. I don't know if there is a diagnostic tools. However I was told there might be an ASCOM upgrading on the V3.11 in a few months. I've forwarded your e-mail to the development team.
  4. I will go baack tonioptron and ask them. The ascom website does. Ot have an ioptron mount download But I do have the lates downoad for both ascomp platform and ioptron ascom controller. I do see stars drifting when mount is nOt tracking and see the changes in RA but not az and viceversa When i have tried to use the mount to test with BYE have not ask the mount to track. (If that helps or makes a difference) it is just on and aimed to a star after alignment When I start BYE ascom telescope it is stationary. If I push one of the movement buttons it says slewing and have changes in the RA dec alt az numbers and no it does nOt stop when I stop pushing the movement buttons or the stop button I used 75 and 100% (on the pics I posted was 75% So agree seems problem is the ascom driver but ioptron says it is. Not. Will see if i can get that app to test the ioptron driver I have used the telescope simulator and it does fine moves in whichever direction I ask Thanks again
  5. Sorry for being imprecise or confusing. I have contacted ioptron but they say the ascom driver is OK. I did not download it from ascom site I can slew with the ioptron virtual controller and with cart du ciel but not with BYE If I turn on the tracking with the hand controller BYE and the virtual Ioptron virtual controller freeze As I mentioned when i have BYE on frame and focus (Live view) And i have the telescope connected through BYE it will say stationary. When I ask for the scope to move it will say slewing but in live view there is no movement on the image in live view. If the mount was moving there should be movement on the image I have in live view as the purpose of the slew is to fine tune the centering of the object. Hope this clarifys what is going on It seems I have to give up using BYE to move my scope and deal with it with the hand controller ???? I really appreciate you helping me get to the bottom of this
  6. Thanks again guys. No I am not tracking when I issue the move command. I used the virtual telescope and it does move with my mount I do not see any movement in my screen when the camera is connected and I am on frame and focus
  7. yes it behaves the same way after mount is aligned and I slewed anyplace. Zero position is what the mount position is as it is turned on. In my case I always have it pointed as close to the true north using a compass The scope is directly pointing close to Polaris according to BYN the mount is slewing but the scope is not moving I do understand that the purpose of BYN and cart du ciel are different I just do not know why BYN consider that the scope is parked when it is not If you see on the attached photos when I first connect the scope to BYN it says stationary (not parked) if I ask to slew it considers that it is slewing but the mount is not moving ( see photos) Appreciate you looking into this
  8. Hello thanks for the response It was not parked. i never have it parked I turned it on and started BYN right away. It starts at zero position. Wonder why it is thinking it is parked. i dont have this problem in carts du ciel
  9. I have sent the log files to support email. thanks
  10. Sorry about the confusing explanation Let me try again I start backyard Nikon and my Nikon D7000 then I select my telescope Ioptron driver for 2013 and earlier and connect the telescope. once the telescope connects, if I try to use Backyard Nikon arrows to slew the telescope it does not move. it sometimes says slewing but there is no movement on the mount and the lat/long does not change either If I use Cart Du Ciel to slew the telescope it works so I assume there is a problem with Backyard Nikon controlling my telescope hope this is more clear Manny
  11. Have a question/help needed I tried to use my mount within Backyard Nikon I use the ascom driver for ioptron 3013 or earlier (based on my mount and hand controller) when I click connect the ioptron controller shows up but then neither the buttons on Backyard nikon nor the ascom ioptron controller buttons work. Seems to me there is a specific problem with Backyard Nikon as when I use cart du ciel I can connect and control my telescope any ideas suggestions? I did a fresh install of everything the ascom plataform (newest version 6.3) the ioptron ascom driver (newest version 3) and Backyard Nikon I use windows 7 premium and a windows 10 Thanks in advance Manny
  12. Thanks for the information I finally got around re installing BYN from fresh downlad and it is working again Manny
  13. Thanks for your notes. I use Backyard EOS for Nikon the cameras I use are Nikon D7000 and D 7100. It was working fine with Windows 8 I have not installed any new software or applications besides the upgrade to windows 10. Since then I cannot use it. the computer recognizes the cameras, I can open the cameras from Corel or Photoshop. But when I start Backyard EOS for Nikon and try to connect the cameras are not recognized. on the camera it never goes to PC as it used to. I have no images on the cards and I have removed the cards too with no avail. I have removed Backyard and reinstall it to no avail. The other Computer has Windows 10 but Backyard Nikon 1.01 and works for both cameras. I do not know what the Net 4 environment is. The install was done automatically with no selections as to what to install Backyard is on when I open the program, otherwise is not as I can tell from Task manager there is no backrground Backyard running when I start the computer
  14. Since I upgraded to version 1.03 and Windows 10 Backyard EOS fails to recognize my cameras. They are both connected and recognized by windows. When I connect them to another computer with the earlier version Backyard EOS works and recognizes my cameras indicating to me that the cables are fine. Is there anyway to fix this? should I remove the latest version and install the older one? thanks in Advance Manny
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