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    Hi Pete, It's taken me a month but based on your message below I used VirtualHere to help drive my remote observatory using BYE. At the observatory I use VirtualHere server on Lubuntu and at home BYE running on Windows XP virtual machine. I do have a slight issue with download times. Like you this is not critical normally but for dawn/dusk Flats based on exposing the sky through a T-shirt filter I find 30 Flats can take 2-3minutes to complete. The light levels do change enough in that time to mean an adjustment in exposure to retain same light levels. I'm still unsure of the final effect on the Flat master once everything is averaged etc. I suspect not a great effect. My question maybe for Guy: is it possible to force a 'burst' of exposures, say 20 x 0.5s (total approx 10s) and get BYE background worker to process them? I've tried to put by 60d into burst mode but it doesn't seem to change the way BYE processes each exposure - currently waiting for each download to complete before next exposure. Thanks for any feedback Andrew.
  2. I think Giovanni's original question about file naming is still open and I have same question. It seems the BYEOS File name when taking flats using BYEOS Shutter set to AV-FLAT with the Camera set on AV always defaults to "1s" no matter what the actual shutter speed. Example : Camera set to AV, shutter speed determined as 1/40 by camera, filename given using my filename settings as: Object_FLAT_1s_200iso_Temp_Date_time And for comparison , when I then take a set of Dark Flats with manual setting to ensure the exposure is 1/40s, the filename changes to:- Object_DARK_FLAT_TV1-40s_200iso_Temp_Date_time I think it would be logical and useful that the FLAT filename reflects the actual exposure it was taken at correct? Thanks, Andrew
  3. hello forum, I'm running BYE happily for a couple of weeks now and found I sometimes get below system error reported while imaging multi exposures with a D60 on Windows XP. This error then appears in the log resuting in no CR2 file being saved except in the Backyardtemp/Download director as original named file. Specified argument was out of the range of valid values. Parameter name: ProcessCapture().FileNames.Count == 0 Since the images are being saved I'm assuming its linked to background worker. I notice the last image in the session is saved correctly and log reports a sucess! 22:53:30 Imaging session completed successfully 22:54:16 NGC2174_LIGHT_180s_1000iso_+14c_20150406-22h53m22s568ms.CR2 22:54:17 NGC2174_LIGHT_180s_1000iso_+14c_20150406-22h53m22s568ms.jpg I tried a few things like ensuring permissions but to no avail. Could it be my very old slow PC ? Could anybody help? thanks Andrew
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