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  1. Stacked a series of Jupiter jpegs in RegiStax the other night. It wasn't bad but not as sharp as I would have liked. I assumed some of the loss or inability to process more was due to it being a jpeg image. It could have easily been operator error as well. Am I correct in assuming that frames from the avi can be saved as tiff files and there for be more adaptable to processing in registax and photoshop than jpegs?
  2. Success!! You are the man Guylain! The vdub encoder seems to have done the trick. A couple of pecularities at first but it seems to be working fine. I am choosing the avi only option. Tried the avi+jpeg option once and it did not save jpegs...but i gave the target a name which maybe I shouldn't have done since I have the subfolder option with subject, time and date stamp set. Not worried about the jpeg option for planetary anyway. Just happy to be getting avi's now. I see a camera upgrade in the future but I can live with what I have for now. Excellent customer support!! Thanks
  3. Guylain, Ok, tried it on a second laptop, Asus Intel I7 17" gaming laptop, Windows 7 professional. It worked perfectly and recorded an AVI. Average 8 -9 fps, acceptable, just a big laptop to lug out at night. Tried again on the HPMini 311-1037r notebook. Same results as before no avi recorded. Deleted BYE from the notebook, did fresh reinstall with same results, no avi, but jpegs created instead even though I specified avi only. Somethings I noticed with same procedure the for both laptops. 1. Start BYE, connect camera by usb direct to computer, power on camera, click connect in BYE. Both connect fine. I have camera itself set to High quality jpeg (L) + Raw. This shows in camera information window in BYE. I remove the lens cap while connected to the Asus I7 and this settings stays the same in the BYE camera information window. But when I am connected to the HP notebook and remove the lense, as soon as it sees light this settings changes to S1 in the BYE camera information window. Just something I noticed, Have no idea why it does that or if it is relevant. 2. When I installed BYE the second time on the notebook, I never saw the dos window pop up for the encoder install (if that is the right word). I did see that on the asus and saw it on the initial BYE install on the HP notebook. 3. When the HP note book is capturing the images dislaying, it finishes and says " Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {40D02BB3-80B5-4EAF-A264-61B9EF30BBE2} failed due to the following error: 80040154 Class not registered (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040154 (REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG))." I pulled that from the log but it displays the first part of this message in the status window under the connect button. I can send you the entire log if you want to look it over? Thanks,
  4. Directly to the USB port. Yes I read about the T4i's lackluster 10 fps performance limit just the other day. Still my fps was hanging around 5-8 in frame and focus. Did a little experiment at lunch and got some limited results. I changed the save option to avi +jpeg to avi only. The activity button seemed to work displaying frame messages, busy message, etc and zipped along fairly fast. It was apparent this time it did something and finished the process. However for some reason, it saved 100 jpegs to the dowload folder , created a planetary subfolder under C:\astroimages folder (as I had chosen for it to do), but still did not produce an avi there. After reading about the fps limiting factor the other day I was still hopeful it would at least grab 5ps being somewhat useable. So my thinking is that the notebook available memory could have been causing somne of the activbity issues, but maybe still something wrong with the encoding. Not sure how to proceed to fix the encoding but I can up the notebook up 1 more gig tomorrow to its max and hopefully help the processing activity along. The fps issue will keep it from being ideal, if it works at all, but something would be better than nothing until I can upgrade. It is fine for deep sky, but I may have to look at other options for a planetary camera. Can you think of anything I could look at on my end to check or fix an encoding issue? Thanks again.
  5. Reposted from Cloudy Nights forum by request: Recently downloaded Backyard EOS and thought I had found the perfect companion software for my Canon T4i and 8" Edge HD. I have read the manual, as much as it is and it seems pretty straight forward. However when I tried to make an avi of Jupiter I get no indication that anything is happening. Have changed my default download folder in BYE to C:/Astroimages, but nothing is there. Settings are to save avi and jpeg to computer only, (netbook with 2 GB ram, slower than optimal but runs the program fine). Camera set on Manual. Camera connects and is recognized, am able to focus in BYE and image looks fine. I then click planetary, then record. The manual indicates I should see some numbers and the circle in the upper right hand corner spin down. After some time I see the circle start to spin down, but no numbers, countdown or indication of anything. After a couple minutes it says sampling images then can not start new image, image already in progress. That is the only message I get. I look in the C:\astroimgaes folder. No avi. I look in the BYE temp folder and there are about 40 Jupiter jpegs only. This morning I test it indoors, same procedure, same results except it only captured 1 jpeg image. Still no avi. Two perfect nights of trying to image Jupiter wasted. I have been into astronomy for about 40 years, just got into digital astrophotography last year. Trying to get stellarium, stellarium scope and Backyard EOS all going. Stellarium seems fine, stellarium scope is another story but I really thought BYE looked so simple. Its making me feel pretty inept right now considering I am into IT support. Any ideas what I am doing wrong. It has me baffled. Notebook PC specs: HPMini 311-1037r 11.6 1366x768 LED display 2 megs DD3 SDRAM 160GB Hard Drive Intel Atom N270 Processor 1.6GHZ Nvidia ION with shared graphics memory 895mb Windows 8.1 32 bit 3x USB ports 2.0 1 HDMI port HPWebcam 802.11 a/b/g/n WLAN & Bluetooth Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T4i Thansk in advance,
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