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  1. I would be happy to help test as well, I use the Nikon version.
  2. Thanks Guylain, After coming back to look again yesterday (PC had been turned off) it worked straight away. I guess something in the firewall settings needed a PC reboot. AT had control over the camera as expected. I couldn't actually plate solve from a pre captured image though but that is a different matter. Really happy with BYN for my D7000 will be buying a license for sure once released. Thanks, Ray
  3. Hi, I am using BYN with my D7000 and all features seem to be working perfectly. I tried to interface with AT for plate solving but AT cannot get control of the camera from BYN and I get an error. I am running Windows 7 and I have checked my firewall settings (even tried turning it off) but without success. I tried a different port No. in case there was (an unlikely) clash but still no joy. I can communicate between PHD and BYN for dithering and AT can see my mount without problems. I feel sure it's a computer setting somewhere but I can't seem to find it. Any suggestions would be very welcome. Cheers, Ray
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