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  1. New to this responding media too..sorry that it went to Rick when it was intended for you. I just finally caved and got a smartphone after my wife of 43 years passed away in July. Still learning at 65....... I don't know if you saw my question about how close we might be geographically? I'm just East of Tucson (Vail, AZ) jeff
  2. Missed this one too - thanks Rick -- I like having access to both, in case I find the patience to deal with collecting multiple lights, darks and flats and then sitting for hours figuring out what/how to process them <smile>.
  3. Didn't get a 'notification' of this post via email like before. Thank you for the info. Using this 80D on a 14" Edge with Hyperstar and enjoying nice images. I wish I had the patience for learning post-processing software, but I find that I spend hours trying to figure it out instead of imaging. What part of "Arid-zona" are you in? I'm just East of Tucson (Vail, AZ) jeff
  4. Thank you both for the input. I figured out a workaround for now. I can open the RAW files with Windows Media Player. Odd thing is that it opens like a short video. But I can hit the 'Pause' button and then use Snipit to copy the image and save it as a jpeg. That provides a frame that I can share via email with friends and family. But I'll try d/l the next version of BYEOS when it's released and see if it will allow both to be captured. jeff
  5. Operating a Canon 80D, with image quality set to RAW+JPEG ---- only the RAW file is sent to my laptop. Going into Settings and changing to JPEG only and then JPEB frame is sent to laptop. Operating the camera outside of BYEOS with same RAW+JPEG setting, both RAW & JPEG frames are captured on SIM card and can transfer to computer. Having used BYEOS for several years with my Canon 60Da, both frames have always been delivered to my BYEOS folder after taking the image. Is there a setting to change somewhere? Thank you - jeff
  6. You're right about losing many of the Canon features, but I don't need the 80D for daytime endeavors, I'll use the 60Da for that (adding an IR/cut filter for daytime colors). Their English is very limited (obvious from the manual), but they emailed me owning up to that because they started this very small company from a small astronomy club. I'm not sure what type of shop they have, but it wouldn't surprise me if it were a garage. I remember seeing in the manual that the cooler is not controllable, but maximum cooling is (I think) 25 degrees (F) below ambient. The manual also mentioned something about dew prevention and recommends putting the camera in a plastic bag when bringing into a warm house from cold temps outside. I'm not sure whether some temperature control could be employed, but think not. I picked up an ATIK 490ex last year ($4300) and then forked out the $500 for MaximDL, but even with help couldn't produce a decent single light frame. I don't have the patience to sit outside at the scope for hours trying to figure out complex software programs and gave up, getting this cooled 80D instead. BYEOS + PHD is so much easier that now I can image instead of battling software programs.......I loaned the ATIK to a friend with more patience than I possess. He'll probably figure it out in short order. More single frames (90 sec @ ISO 800) from last night........
  7. Just wanted to share that I took the modified 80D out last night for a trial run. It was on a Hyperstar on a Celestron 14" Edge SCT. I normally run a Lodestar x2 guide camera in a ES 80mm triplet, but didn't do any guiding for this first trial. The 80D performed flawlessly and although the cooler isn't really required yet, it functioned very well also. BYEOS works so well and when I add PHD2, I'll be able to get multiple frames quickly now, without the heat buildup on the camera sensor. As you can see in the upper left, the Orion Neb & Crab were shot at 40 sec, 1600 ISO; the Horsehead for 60 sec @ 1600 ISO.
  8. The manual is about 10 pages and the English is somewhat unclear in places. I exchanged several emails with them to attempt clarification. Here's the website info on the modification of the Canon 80D: http://www.centralds.net/cam/?p=10451 What I've learned since my purchase is that the Canon AC adapter still is required to power the camera. Because the sensor was moved with the modification (to maintain proper focus distance), the temperature readout in BYEOS is not accurate. CentralDS includes a thermometer device (much like what one would have in the kitchen using a digital meat thermometer probe). But the audio cable to transmit the temperature reading to that device is only 4.5', so I went to Amazon for a 15' (2.5mm) male/female extension to allow putting the thermometer device alongside the laptop while imaging. The pdf file of the manual is 10.9mb, so can't be copied here, but here's the weblink: http://www.centralds.net/cam/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/astro-80d-manual-eng.pdf Hope this helps, jeff
  9. I d/l'd version 3.1 and all connected now - thanks again!! jeff
  10. Oh, okay - Thanks Rick - sure do appreciate your help! jeff
  11. All I've been doing is clicking on the "Connect" button with my Canon 60Da and it connects quickly. I do the same thing with this 80D and get the Log History I sent (resending after 2nd try). I went into Advanced Settings and clicked on "Ask for camera drivers", but don't see choices other than for the old style Canon or newer (no Canon210 or 215?? 07:35:12 Licensed to Courtjeffster 07:35:19 Attempting to connect camera... 07:35:19 Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized. 07:35:19 DEVICEINFO DESCRIPTION IS Canon EOS 80D 07:35:19 DEVICEINFO NUMBER IS 3470492101. 07:35:19 YOUR *REAL* MODEL NUMBER IS 4294967294(FFFFFFFE) 07:35:19 Generic model 153 assumed! 07:35:58 Attempting to connect camera... 07:35:58 DEVICEINFO DESCRIPTION IS Canon EOS 80D 07:35:58 DEVICEINFO NUMBER IS 3470492101. 07:35:58 YOUR *REAL* MODEL NUMBER IS 4294967294(FFFFFFFE) 07:35:58 Generic model 153 assumed!
  12. Thank you Mr. Rochon - I'm attaching the log file of the connection problem. The Help window pops up when I click Connect. BYEOS LOG.docx
  13. Dear BYEOS, I recently purchased a modified Canon EOS 80D camera from a company in South Korea [ http://www.centralds.net/cam/?p=10451 ]. This camera connects with the EOS Utility, which I then turn off, but still will not connect to BYEOS. Do I need to make a settings change to allow connection? The manual sent with the camera mentions that because the sensor is moved from the original location, the temp reported in BYEOS is not accurate. They provided a digital thermometer to provide that info. Thank you, Courtjeffster Jeff Wilner jk13913@cox.net 801-814-5382
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