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    USB Weather Station?

    Davis Instruments, with it's text file capabilities works well.
  2. Be careful of the USB Ports as so many of the astronomy accessories are still very finicky with the USB port they will accept and sometimes adapters don't play well with astronomy products. Randall
  3. Thank you all for the answers knowledge is all I need - now that I know, it has turned my BEOS experience into a very pleasant one. The box you kept your camera aimed at was a 60D so that is how I got confused. BTW see my post here: Sorry for the confusion and at least the three line log summary tells me of my error. Thank you again for your time and consideration I could not be happier with BEOS! Randall
  4. How to be a Star at a Star Party - Show off BEOS! Last night I attended the SCOVAC public star party. Equipment: Canon 60D, a vintage 1981 Meade Model 2080 SCT, on a Celestron CGEM DX mount and tripod, PoleMaster polar alignment camera, and BEOS on a 16" laptop. (Could have installed the alignment camera but kept it simple). I setup my scope much like everyone (five others brought their go to telescopes). I then took off my eyepiece and attached my 60D and fired up BEOs I got the 60D into fine focus with FWHM in Frame & Focus, which everyone thought was better than sliced bread. I did a couple more star alignments with BEOE using Frame & Focus with the Zoom box grid - educating them on what the goto was actually doing and calculating. Most people were checking in and out with the different scopes being awed by Orion M42. I instructed my mount to go there, leaving it in Frame & Focus - onlookers were underwhelmed as expected. I told them "lets throw some more light in the 60D" and took one under exposed, couple of seconds, photo by only selecting the first entry in the Capture Plan Center. Better, but they could tell I was up to something... I then ran the entire Capture Plan - they loved the count down timer - and as each new image appeared with more and more detail of Orion nothing but ewes and awes! They loved how each finished photo just popped up (occasionally going into presentation mode was killer as well) I was able to teach them a little bit about the histogram when asked about the weird graph "thingy". I finished M42 with a very overexposed core but a more detailed fringe. We moved onto Venus, Andromeda, the Pinwheel, and more. I kept hearing "He just took that with that..." I got to teach them a little about astronomy, photography and light science but it all would have been very dull and tedious without BEOS! BEOS was the real star of the party last night - Thank you Guylian for making it all possible! Randall Initially tried to put this in how to but not an option...
  5. Canon 60D firmware 1.1.2 BackyardEOS 3.1.18 Premium Edition Greetings, I own a 60D just like in your 2 hour video. I can see you keep the camera in M manual mode but use the planner to set the drop down for bulb to what ever time you want. In you video the 60D/BEOS takes it all in stride. When I do exactly what you did I get an error and I am told to turn my 60D to B bulb mode and BEOS is basically a brick (dashed timer signal blinks but abort does nothing). If I go to the camera and then change the mode I still have to red X BEOS to shut it down and start over. Selecting Program or anything other than the Camera Mode setting from the drop down also Bricks BEOS, If I start the camera in B bulb going to manual in the planner also bricks the BEOS. In others match the camera mode and planner drop down it bricks. So the planner can only hold one mode or it will not execute that is perfect as at least it did not brick on me. So I totally understand allowing me to select a different mode than the cameras but instead of briciking up could BEOS tell me to change mode on the camera first before the session locks up? So ultimately I now understand I cannot mix and match B or M in my planner unless I disable the wrong mode until I go outside to the telescope and physically changing the mode dial FIRST. If all of the above is true: A program change stopping me from bricking the BEOS program until shut down and restart would be fantastic. Also if true I am sorry for the user error and potentially giving someone reservations about BEOS when in actuality I love the program! If the above is false and I should be able to have my camera in M manual and still select B bulb (or vice a versa) what am I doing wrong. I have cleared the cache and restarted several times with the same results. BTW Every time you close the program like described above a new background process called "BinaryRivers.BackyardEOS.Start" for each time you do it, is left behind. I absolutely love BEOS and it's integration with PHD2, dithering, and AstroTortilla. BEOS tying everything together in a fantastic interface is remarkable - thank you. Thank you for your time and consideration. Randall
  6. I own a 60D... New Thread Started: Randall
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