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  1. That would be great. I'm eager to find out if it is repeatable for others. I use a 650D (T4i).
  2. Yes, "Maximum sensitivity" is checked in Live View settings of BYEOS. This setting has never made a difference in the brightness or utility of the "Live View"video feed. Live View has always been hit or miss on whether it was usable or not. It seemed random until I discovered that Live View brightness is dependent on the last aperture setting used when a EF-S lens was attached. I was sharing this workaround as a "how to" make Live View usable for T4i owners but I have no objection to it being moved to another category.
  3. My T4i does not allow manual setting of live view display gain which has been a big problem when using BYEOS frame and focus mode. I recently found that the exposure simulation mode of the camera SEEMS to base its video gain on the last known aperture when a lens was attached. If I last used a lens at F22, then attached a telescope to do some AP, Live View would be so dark as to be useless. But, if I opened the aperture to F2.8 BEFORE removing the lens or powering off, Live View was quite bright and useful during later AP work. If others can confirm this, It may open up a workaround to Live View gain control in BYEOS. Perhaps BYEOS can simulate a lens aperture value to the camera if a non EF lens is attached. If so, perhaps that could be made into a control on Frame and Focus?
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