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  1. Hi, I have set up astrotortilla with backyard nikon. When i click capture and solve the camera seems to start capturing (i hear the shutter sound) however i get a "waiting for camera" in astrotortilla that never goes away. Then the plate solving fails saying that image cannot be downloaded from the camera. Anyone has a similar issue?
  2. Hi, I am trying to use planetary mode to capture moon frames in Nikon backyard with a nikon d5600. I must have confused what planetary mode is. It is supposed to get 1:1 pixel resolution and use the full sensor. However, while my sensor has a resolution of 6000x4000 the resulting jpegs come out as ~600x400. Am i doing something wrong?
  3. Hi all, So I want to buy the backyard nikon software but I do have 3 things I need to know first. 1. When connected to my laptop, can I directly download any images taken, I need this for plate solving. 2. Can I use the software to record liveview video? Normal hd video results in 1920x1080 while I have heard that this software allows this "trick" in order to use the full resolution of the sensor. 3. What cable do I need to connect a d5600 to my laptop for this software to work? Thanks and sorry for the newbie questions
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