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    I have both BYN and BYEOS. I generally use BYEOS out in my observatory, but have installed it on a laptop inside my home as well, to test hook-ups, updated versions, etc. before an imaging session. I'm hoping this use does not violate the user license. This method is very useful to make sure everything communicates properly before going outside to actually image. (I leave a computer in the observatory, hence the multi-computer use.)
  2. Windows XP, BYEOS, Canon 450D XSi, ED127ES, .7 reducer, various post-processing programs -- thanks, Guylain!
  3. I agree, of course, with Guylain. I would add this -- I've had this issue with BYEOS as well. Here's what I discovered and did. 1 -- In the first case, my hard drive was too full, so I removed data and this worked for a while. In the second case, I suspected the software, so I erased the old and reloaded. That worked for a while as well, but then also started sticking as you describe. I then upgraded to the newest edition of BYEOS (premium- well worth it!). This worked and is continuing to work. Obviously, the camera is a Canon (450D) in my case; I have used a variety of computers, A D
  4. I have been using your premium BackyardEOS for a year with my Canon 450D XSi — it is brilliant! I’ve linked and raved about your software on my taosastronomer.com site below. Thanks for a great product. I want to begin using my Nikon 5100 with your new software as well. Will the Hap Griffin IR serial cable work with your software, or do I need to purchase the Shoestring Astronomy version? I especially like your interface, so I really want to use your acquisition software.
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