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  1. I guess you did not get my mail... maybe too large size of attachments? Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients. Subject: D780 issues Sent: 18-Feb-21 22:37 The following recipient(s) cannot be reached: 'support@otelescope.com' on 18-Feb-21 22:41 552 5.2.3 guidelines. b17sm6744665pfb.75 - gsmtp
  2. I guessed that it would be different but gave it a shot. I believe the "silent" liveview imaging of the camera doing the same as BYN does and saving individual liveview frames (shutter is not used when doimng this) as opposed to "noisy" liveview where liveview is suspended, shutter is used to take the picture and then liveview is reactivated again. But I guess that the way the file is saved on camera on on BYN would be different. Tried all different combinations of focus mode and options and never succeeded to see liveview working. Also always have the unhandled exception issue when doubl
  3. Let me know if any kind of remote connection to my PC and camera here may help....
  4. I feel your difficulties on the wife side....
  5. On Nikon cameras while in liveview on camera you can take photos or video, depending what kind of button you press. Photos will be then be saved on memory card , I am under impression that it would be saved exactly the same as a photo taken trough the optical viewfinder and be of no use to understand what iis going on, but never dabbled into looking at the files for differences. D7100 does actually SHOOT a picture, interrupting liveview and using the shutter, while D780 has an option (I guess inherited from mirrorless nikons) which is "silent" with no liveview interruption and no use of
  6. I know well how difficult it is to do it remotely. I am writing software to point a telescope floating under a stratospheric balloon, different set of problems, but not easy to think about all it could (and soone or late it will!!) happen at 30,000 meters over your head... or in a camera you never had in your hand on the other side of the world.. In any case I would be ready to cooperate in any case it may lead us to a solution... other than exchange my D780 with a D750... LOL!!
  7. As I said in my earlier messge the image was taken from liveview of camera, because I cannot use planetary imaging in BYN, as the record button is I would say disabled: I can see it there but cannot press it. Attached screenshot of planetary window. Sending you several screenshots and some frames I took in camera with liveview via email, cannot send here because 500kb limit. Note that using my friend D7100 all works well... including focusing of lens which is disabled on D780.
  8. LiveView is definitely not working. I am not testing in the night with a telescope, but at home in daytime. Image I sent is dark because I did not bother to take the lens cap off, since i did not think it would make any difference on the data you would be looking for and also a all dark image would probably be better compressed. The image I attached is taken via LiveView on camera. I will send you the full resolution and fine JPG image taken from liveview on camera via email. Antonio
  9. Done. Unfortunately when going planetary liveview does not work and the record button is not accessible, thus cannot take the images. Would jpeg shot manually trough in-camera liveview help? Files are too big to attach here in L size resolution and FINE quality, in case you need these I would need an email address to send them to. File attached here is max I could do, just in case it could help.
  10. I will try planetary as you suggested and send you the data. I would need you to extend my trial license a few days, cause it expired last night. Pity you are on the other side of the ocean, I would otherwise be happy to let you test with my D780, I suppose remote connection not easy, but in case let me know if it may help, I have visual studio installed. Antonio
  11. Unfortunately my trial period is ending tomorrow, and I could get no answer, workable suggestions or information on the bugs I found while using my Nikon D780. I could partially test the software with a borrowed D7100 and with a relative D90 and everything seems to be working as advertised with these models. I would definitely buy the product if only I could find a way to use it with my camera. As it is, I will have to stick to Camera Control Pro for some more time. I hope to see soon a mail with information on the problems been solved (Liveview not working, memory fault,
  12. Seems to be very similar behaviour as my D780 (which I think share a lot from Z series where liveview is concerned).
  13. I also tested version 2.1.2 RC2 and same behaviour as 2.1.1
  14. Did you ever suceed in making your D780 work? I have the very same issues you were complaining about. No LiveView and memory fault. Tx!
  15. I will run some more test with all possible settings, I also set the AF lever in front to M. but no result. I tried all settings on the Autofocusing menu and the AF button in from combined with the rollers on top of the camera without result. Of course there are hundreds of settings on this camera and It would be difficult to test all combinations... I found a setting where, if lturning on liveview from camera, I control the focus motor of camera from BYN. Always if turning on liveview from camera button I can switch it off from BYN. Thank you for your help
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