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  1. darwin-t

    Picture size

    That is a really great gif! My ISS photography is completely different. In order to use a DSLR for it, I really need to get one that does video. Here is my page about ISS photography. My mount can track satellites using a program called Sky Tracker. http://darwinsastroworld.com/ISS2.htm
  2. darwin-t

    Trial version

    Could I please get an extension on my trail period? I installed the software a week or two before I got my camera. I plan on buying it after he first of the month. Thank you very much.
  3. That was an easy fix, but not something I would have found on my own. Thank you very much.
  4. I tried imaging M42 twice. IN both cases, things just kind of stopped - the circle in the upper right was still spinning. In both cases, it gave a projected finish time for the exposure operation, but I waited well past that time with no further action. I closed the program eventually 3.2.0 Trial version - D1000 camera Here is my log. Thanks logfile-[20201107-23h52m36s172]-[1928]-2020-11-08.txt
  5. darwin-t

    Picture size

    So can one set it up to make multiple exposures? Oh, I see it now! D'OH!!! Thank you very much for educating me on this! I'll try it out in the morning on the next ISS pass Update: It takes about 10 seconds per photo. I guess I need to look for a Canon camera that takes video. Thanks again for your help. I am going to try some deep sky stuff tonight.
  6. darwin-t

    Picture size

    It looks like Imaging mode can only be used in Bulb mode. Changing the shutter speed gives no way to take exposures. This is a big disappointment to me... It looks like I will have to use the multiple exposure mode in the camera, which is about 3 frames per second. This camera does not record video Thanks for the info. I didn't realize how it works. BYE is still worthwhile to me. I will be buying it.
  7. darwin-t

    Picture size

    I am using BYE 3.2.0 trial version with a Canon D1000. I have the picture size in the camera set to Large JPG. BYE shows RAW + Large JPG. When I record photos in Planetary, it makes the pictures 752 x 512 It does not save RAW photos, nor do I want them This is not going to work for me. Is there anything I can do to fix it? Thanks
  8. One more question. In planetary mode, does BYE record only the area within the zoom box, or can it record the entire screen? In other words, can it be used for Lunar photography? Thank you very much!
  9. What I was thinking was a session with several steps, say 2000 frames at 1/125, then 2000 frames at 1/250, etc and jumping from one line to the next. I guess it would be one session. I didn't explain it well at all. I would still have the problem of the camera buffering images, then sending them to the computer, right? Could that be eliminated by having the images copied to the camera's memory card only? If it doesn't work, I guess I will be stuck with guessing at the right exposure and hoping for the best. I assume over time I would learn the proper shutter speed depending on th
  10. I plan on using BYE for Lunar and planetary photography and also to photograph the ISS. I use Sky Track to track the ISS. It tracks it very well. I don''t have my camera yet, it should be here on Friday. Here is my problem. I have no way of knowing the exact exposure for the ISS beforehand. Presently, when using my Imaging Source CCD camera, I can change the exposure while it is recording a video. Is this possible in BYE in Planetary mode? I don't think it is, but have no way to test it without a camera. I'm thinking I could set up several different sessions, each with a di
  11. I purchased the free 30 day trial of Backyard EOS on the 24th. I know this because I got the security key on that date. I cannot find the download, however, but found 2 partial downloads that day. I assume the download of the program failed. I don't have a camera yet. I bought one on Ebay, but that seller was removed from Ebay and don't think I will ever get it. I bought another one last night which should be here on Wednesday. I am fine with the shortened trial period, because I plan on buying it, but cannot download another copy of the program to try out. Is there any way arou
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