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  1. Got it, that makes perfect sense now. 1344 pixels is 20% of 6720. Thanks so much, Mike
  2. I'm using BYE with a Canon EOS Ra attached to a 4" refractor. In Planetary mode, what do I need do set to capture images at the full resolution of the sensor (i.e.: 6720 x 4480)? Currently when I save images with the 5X button selected, they are saved at 1344 x 896. Thanks!
  3. Okay then, good to go. Thanks so much for the quick reply. Mike
  4. Thanks for the suggestion. I just changed that setting, but the error persists. My settings on the AF 1 menu are: AF operation - ONE SHOT AF AD method - AF [] AF frame size - Normal Eye detection AF - Disable (grayed out) Continuous AF - Disable thanks again, Mike
  5. I have an EOS Ra and am currently using BYE 3.2.2 RC1 (I've had this issue with previous versions). When I select Focus & Frame mode, I get the error message "Unable to set Live View AutoFocus Mode - current setting is assumed" Any suggestions on how to correct this? Thanks, Mike
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