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  1. I have the ASCOM Platform 6.5-6.5.0 3091. Ascom works with mount and starsense. The issue is a connection problem between my mount and focuser are and backyard Nikon. Are you suggesting I post on other forums, as what you have posted is not helpful.
  2. I'm running Backyard Nikon 2.1.0 with Windows 10. I am able to connect my mount and focuser with CPWI, but unable to connect Backyard. I am however able to connect my Nikon 5300 to Backyard.
  3. I'm using a 4 foot cable. 2 nights ago I was all Aligned and ready to image and could not connect. I brought all my gear in set down at my desk, and the camera connected. I received the new cable with the same issues. Essentially I am nowhere in solving this problem. I run my guider and imaging camera directly in to see no hub.
  4. BYN 2.1. I'm running a short cable directly into USB. Other programs such as NINA are not connecting either. have ordered a new cable.
  5. Nikon 5300 intermittent connectivity with backyard Nikon, Doesn't work 75 percent off the time. What's going on here?
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