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  1. Thank you! I tried this indoors and noticed that the numbers do jump quite a bit. Is that normal? I will try FWHM tonight since we have clear skies
  2. Hi there Is there a video that explains how to achieve proper focus using the Bahtinov feature in Backyard EOS? I have listened to many of the youtube recordings but they only touch upon it. I was hoping to see an actual demonstration by someone that shows me how they achieved focus using this. I do understand that it requires a mask Thank you Hari
  3. My tracker is the Move Shoot Move - I do not believe it can control the tracker. Are there commercially available software that can be installed locally and plate solve faster than astronomy.net?
  4. @astroman133 Thank you for the explanation. That is helpful. You're right - it is unlikely to help with the way I do astrophotography. I currently plate solve by uploading to astronomy.net and wait my turn. I was hoping AT would give me faster platesolving capabilities
  5. Apologize I am asking another basic question on plate-solving with AstroTortilla with BYE. I have the classic version of BYE and I use a telephoto lens on my DSLR with a tracker but no auto-guider and no EQ mount. I have installed Astro Tortilla on my windows laptop and know that it can solve an image that I feed during the daytime (at least most of the time) based on the logs. If I upgrade to BYE Premium, what can I expect from the Astro Tortilla integration? If I take a picture of the night sky, will AstroTortilla solve the image and label my image on the BYE screen? Is
  6. Thank you so much - I will try this and see if I can get it to work indoors. I usually find myself plate solving by uploading my images to astronomy.net out in the field which can take more than 10 min on a busy day. If I can get this process to work, it would be awesome.
  7. Hi there I tried plate-solving with Astro Tortilla and the Trial version of BYE a few weeks back, but I never quite got it to work despite following the instructions posted in the How-to section. I have since purchased the paid version of BYE Classic (and am aware I need to upgrade to the premium version to integrate with AT) My question is more around - is there a video that could walk me through how I would set up BYE Premium with Astro Tortilla and then demonstrate how this works out in the field? If so, I would be very much interested. I do not mind upgrading to Premium if I coul
  8. Hi My trial version is about to expire and I would like to decide between the Classic and Premium version for EOS. Is it possible to load a plan and disconnect the computer from the camera so the camera knows the sequence and settings and takes over? The reason I ask is because I'd prefer to bring my laptop indoors during the colder weather when I am trying to image for an extended period of time. If so, will the Classic version meet this requirement? Thanks!
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