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  1. So I received several replies from han.k the developer of ASTAP. In one message he mentioned that the latest version, 0.9.452 has improved features that may be relevant to this issue. My question has not been posted on the sourceforge website so I will quote his relevant passage here; (xxxxx?) is what I think he meant to say. "Most problems with previous ASTAP version was with global (globular?) clusters. The Gaia contain a big portion of the global (globular?) cluster stars but they are so close (together?) that an earth based telescope can not separate them. This should be mostly
  2. Yes I understand; I thought it might not be of much use, - just thought I'd take a belts and suspenders approach. In looking over the questions posed by users who have experienced various issues on Sourceforge/astap, failure to solve for certain image properties or settings are not unknown and seem to be at the root of many inquiries.
  3. So I actually went over to the ASTAP forum just now and "posted" it by sending an email whose content is similar to the posting here with much the same info, and the logfile. I'll report back if I learn something useful.
  4. No I did not. When I began, I attempted to setup ASTAP to solve and actually tried it a few times, even with pictures I had taken. It's not a very friendly situation since the plate solving and stacking seem to be blended together and it's not intuitive what's what. I quickly yielded to BYN which of course knows how to "deal with" ASTAP. There are more fields in ASTAP than anyone should need to deal with. Frankly it put me off and did not want to deal with it. I'll give it another try when a clear night permits. If it still bombs out I'll look into posting it over there. The only real dif
  5. So, I download the pre-release of BYN (2.1.1 RC3), installed ASTAP for plate solving, upgraded cygwin for Astrotortilla(AT), installed the SP1 of ASCOM 6.5 as suggested by the groups.io regarding At not working and actually had a moderately clear night where I could actually see windmills to tilt at! I had really no luck with AT at all, although my own ignorance may be to blame. Should I actually connect the mount in BYN as I did for ASTAP? It seemed to me that AT, when it worked, directly controlled the mount without invoking BYN. However again given my inexperience, perhaps that was the real
  6. I have the latest premium version of BYN working on a Win 10 Pro laptop successfully. I have been using it with Astro Tortilla (AT) with some success, but too often failure, despite the excellent advice on the lightvortexastrnomy.com website. The program will center a few times then seems to get disconnected and no longer slews the mount to center an object. It gets pretty frustrating. So I've learned that there is a pre-release version of BYN that supports ASTAP for plate solving. I was wondering if the pre-release version can be run alongside the full release version to experiment with ASTAP
  7. So I think the cables must be the issue. I took 5 x 60 second "dark" photos (JPG & NEF) with BYN without any issue whatever. The scope has its lens cover on, but there is enough light leakage to create an image. No download errors etc., whatsoever. The scope is in the Park position/weights down so little load on the cables. I'll have to see about arranging them to avoid the issue.
  8. Thanks for the feedback & suggestions. I'll investigate today during daylight. Also I do take both JPG & NEF files; surpprised they haven't shown up. Perhaps it was AT's turn to take the photo or perhaps download failed before NEF?
  9. I have version 2.1.0 Premium edition of BYN running on a Lenovo Win10 Pro laptop connected at the HEQ5 mount by a powered USB2 hub into which my Nikon D5100 is connected. BYN connects without a fuss to the camera routinely. I also use AstroTortilla (AT) to do plate solving and that has been a hit-or-miss affair. Last night the whole thing worked well for awhile then fell apart. It instantly centered on my alignment star, Vega better than ever,-dead center on the first shot. Then on Deneb, it wasn't clear what had happened so I moved on to my photo experiments (stacking with DSS) on Andromeda.
  10. I thnk I solved the problem. It appears to be user error. In my attemps to try different setting for the solver I enetered some text in the cygwin line (the 0.05 above) which caused the Python program to hiccup and halt. My bad.
  11. And here are the solver settings
  12. So I tried platesolving during the daytime! Here is the logfile or at least the portion up to the solving process. I see no image files when I select Goto Image under tools in Astro-T 2020-11-06 13:16:38,493 - astrotortilla - INFO - Waiting for camera 2020-11-06 13:16:38,953 - astrotortilla - INFO - Waiting for camera 2020-11-06 13:16:39,407 - astrotortilla - INFO - Waiting for camera 2020-11-06 13:16:40,092 - astrotortilla - INFO - Waiting for camera 2020-11-06 13:16:40,555 - astrotortilla - INFO - Waiting for camera 2020-11-06 13:16:41,019 - astrotortilla - INFO - Waiting for
  13. I looked at the pictures in the pictures.BackyardNikon folder and all the file names end in exposure values that are 1-2 seconds or less, not the 10-20 seconds I use in Astro-T. Perhaps they are somewhere else? Although I hear what appears to be the shutter click, it may not be taking the picture at all. I hal check the cables.
  14. I had the log file open while the process was underway (although I can't find the log file now even from within Astro-T) but I do not recall seeing a jpg or fits file go by.
  15. So I have V 2.1.0 of BYN and have successfully set it up to work with Astrotortilla,- once. I have gotten it to plate solve a few nights ago but that was then,-this is now. On the advice given here about turning off in camera and long exposure noise reduction in my D5100 I tried to use the two programs together as in the previous session. I made several other changes at the same time: I rotated the camera 90 degrees to get East/West-North/South to agree with the EQMOD control pad directions, and I removed my old Lumicon Easy Guider since I wasn't using it, and re-focused(I am using a Celestron
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