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  1. Hi Rick, Thank you for the reply. This will be very helpful when trying to source a used Windows laptop for Backyard Nikon. Much appreciated.
  2. Good morning. I know that Backyard Nikon (and Backyard EOS) are Windows only, but I could not find any reference on the website as to what the minimum operating system requirements are. I normally work in a macOS environment and am looking to source a used Windows laptop so that I can use Backyard Nikon. Can anyone confirm what the minimum (or perhaps recommended) requirements are? For example: Windows version, RAM, etc. Thanks
  3. Hi. I am new to Backyard Nikon and can't seem to figure out how to change the delay between exposures. The application seems to be automatically adding a delay between exposures that is equal to the exposure time. In other words if I try to shoot "X" number of 30 second exposures, it will insert a 30 second delay between each exposure... in effect doubling the elapsed time of the shoot. I do not have my camera set to "long exposure NR" and am not capturing additional dark frames. I have testing my new Backyard Nikon download using both a Nikon D750 and D7100 and get the same re
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