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  1. Hi folks, I think my problem resolved with removing Belkin USB Hub from my Mac connection. I took a 3 series of 40 exposure for test. No crash or freeze experienced. Thank you for helping me. Cos my licence days was ending and Im going to decide to buy it. Its very useful application. Now Im gonna pay for it with inner piece. Have a good day to you all. Attached log files anyway. logfile-[20200917-11h36m07s798]-[10080]-2020-09-17.txt.zip
  2. Where? In PC or canon or BYE. Ok I can find it I think. Should I disable Auto Power off? No battery was full but not a permanent power. If there is any settings that can cause to shut down I don't know what it is. Not an expert. But I think if its connected to PC then it shouldn't be shut down isn't it? But yes. It is connected to USB Hub Oh may be that's the problem. Now I will try without any USB Hub. Thanks
  3. Hello Admin, Thank you tired that 3.2.1 RC. Tried focus mode and imaging. And started taking 40 exposures in 55 seconds. In the beginning everything looks ok. Works flawlessly. But when I got to 35th exposure app freeze again. Only cycle around abort was turning. Now Im waiting as it says wait until that time. I have waited and nothing happened. Im sending a new log files. logfile-[20200916-22h32m31s147]-[5132]-2020-09-16.txt.zip
  4. I tried Windows with USB 2.0 connection this time BYE crashed several times more than before even without doing anything. Attached log files. Below buttons Snap Image, Loop and Live View become disable. Then warning says "OOPs! This is embarrassing. An unhandled error has occurred. "System.OutofMemoryException. If this is the case what should be VMware memory and perhaps processor request? BYELogFiles.zip
  5. May be I should adjust the USB setting as 2.0 and try that way which is I will and report it here Thank you for explanations.
  6. Yes It does crash. Nothing happens. I should close and reopen it and there is no error message. As I thought and you said before Im suspicious about those long cable. But my balcony just 5 meters away from my iMac Thank you all for your replies anyway 👍
  7. But there was. It was like 3-4 minutes or so.And shooting stoped. I planned as 40 shot but there was only 5-6 shots. You see only those images. And there is a USB setting in VMware as 3.0/2.0/1.1 But default 3.0 of course.
  8. Im not using any antivirus other than Windows Defender and I did not turn it off. Long Exposure is already disabled in the camera. The cable Im using 3.0 comp 5 m. The place I bought it writes 4628p something. Haven't tried USB 2 nor 1.1 but there is a setting for it. logfile-[20200913-20h21m36s079]-[8936]-2020-09-13.txt.zip
  9. Hi, I don't have any PC and don't think to buy it in any near future but running in windows as a virtual machine on Mac VMware Fusion. Other astro apps working without any problem so far but BackyardEOS freezing between exposures saying Busy. First I thought its because of old long USB cables and changed it. But same problem. May be its because of virtual machine but Im wondering is there any other virtual machine platform like parallel Desktop works ok with BackyardEOS? Couldn't upload 518k log file. Thx BYE v3.2 Canon 200D
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