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  1. Thank you for the quick reply. Seems obvious now that you reminded me of the other Icon sitting on my desktop. 🙄 Awesome program. Thanks so much. All the best, Bob
  2. I I have an older Canon 60 Da that I use to create a model for my 10Micron mount in ModelCreator. I have the newer Canon EOS Ra that I use for the actual light frames. I use different settings in BYE for each purpose. For example Jpeg vs. Raw. Is there a way for me to save and then load all of the settings in BYE for each camera? It would save some time when switching cameras and prevent those late night mistakes in changing all of the appropriate settings required for each camera and its specific purpose. Thanks so much, Bob
  3. The dark frames have the exact same information. Nebulosity processed those fine. I agree it is a problem with Nebulosity, and the error message in nebulously actually stated the fact that it cannot handle parentheses. As you said the solution is simply to change the file name template. Easy fix, Plus I can add the information that I want. I don’t really need The Ra Dec info. Thanks again for the solution and quick response. It has been time consuming to integrate the 10Micron GM1000 GPS software, BYE, ModelCreator, MGPbox, ASTAP, and Nebulosity into a working workflow. A lot of different manuals to read and unknown software interaction But I am very close to “perfect” success . 🤗🤗 all the best, Bob
  4. Thanks for the information Astroman. So this will override anything generated by BYE based upon the other settings?
  5. Here is a Screenshot. Hoping someone that has dealt with this before knows exactly the procedure to just change a setting in BYE. It is apparently getting information from the Ascom setting for the mount information. I don’t know if simply unchecking the box in the setting in the telescope screen on BYE would be the solution and not cause an error somewhere else?
  6. I didn’t know I could set up my own file name template in BYE. Please explain how I would do this. I do not see it addressed in the manual. Thanks so much. Bob
  7. I used BYE the other night and it worked perfectly, or so I thought. When it came time to stack and process the images in Nebulosity I was met with an error message saying that Nebulosity is unable to handle Light frame file names with an extension that contains parentheses. It was interesting that it did not have a problem handling the dark frames which also contained parentheses. How can I eliminate the parentheses, and if necessary the information contained within them, appearing in the file extension for each light frame obtained in BYE? Going through each file name on each light frame and renaming them is very time consuming. Thanks so much. All the best, Bob
  8. I believe I solved my problem. I corresponded with Martin regarding the problem I was having. He suggested using the simulator part of ModelCreator sitting inside behind my desk during the normal waking hours to more easily analyze what was going on. I will actually try it again outside tonight to make sure that it is fixed. My mistake was - In ModelCreator I had set up a couple of different profiles depending on whether I was using a camera lens or my telescope. I had it in my mind that on the main screen of Modelcreator I could scroll through the list of my profiles and select the one I wanted to use and it would load. Sitting here at my desk I noticed that actually does nothing as far as loading the correct profile. The default program profile still appears on the equipment configuration screen. I must actually click on the profile tab on the main screen which then takes me to the equipment configuration screen and there I must load the profile that I want to use. Upon closing out ModelCreator it always reverts to the default program profile setting. 🙄
  9. Thank you so much for the quick reply. Yes third Party TCP was enabled in the settings. Yes both BYE and ModelCreator are set to port 1499 The camera was originally connected in Manual mode. As part of the trial and error trying to get it to work I then tried the bulb setting By Hanging I was referring to everything apparently working up to the point of taking the first picture. The Mount slewed to the first base point at which point the debug log began to display the same message continuously without a picture being taken. Looking at the log it was displaying “Camera Action Fired: ‘FirePropertyValues’. The program seemed to be stuck in a loop and each time I had to abort the process and try starting over, with no change in the results. I gave up trying to use ModelCreator and simply used the three star alignment procedure In the mount. Using backyard EOS I then successfully took 10 light frames and 10 dark frames of M45 with the canon EOSRa at 30 seconds each with a two second pause between frames. That worked great. I still have my initial question as to when I am finished doing the framing and focusing in BYE do I need to go to do something on the Imaging screen on the main menu or do I just simply minimize BYE and then go to ModelCreator which will become the controlling source in telling BYE to start taking the pictures after each slew? I have noticed that on ModelCreator under the Control button there is a setting for the camera exposure time. Changing the exposure time in ModelCreator does not change the exposure time that appears in BYE. So I don’t understand which program is actually controlling the other for the plate modeling photos. Thanks in advance for all your help. Although I have used a lot of computers I am not a programmer and some of the concepts of what is happening are a little difficult for me to understand, especially when it comes to trouble shooting the interaction between different programs. I am hoping that somebody else has already figured it out using both BYE and ModelCreator and will share their step-by-step basic detailed workflow to make it all happen. I have the manuals for both which are great in explaining each program, but I have not found a manual combining the two into a workflow. My 65 year old brain is frequently saying “Does not Compute”. 🤣
  10. I am using BackyardEOS. It works great at frame and focus and image capture. I have a 10Micron Mount and have been unsuccessfully trying to use ModelCreator (Astromi.Ch). to automate a 25 point model. I am using the ASTAP files for the plate solving in ModelCreator. ModelCreator is supposed to work with BYE and has it listed as a choice under equipment. I have the BackyardEOS camera connection checked in the equipment section of ModelCreator. After selecting the points in ModelCreator and hitting Run the modeling process begins but always hangs up at the first image being taken with BackYard EOS. I have the image in BYE set to JPEG. I have tried different exposure settings. I am not sure what the settings should be in BYE for it to interface with ModelCreator for taking the phots necessary for the 25 different plate solving exposures. Should I still be in the Frame and Focus Screen or in the Image Capture Screen? Do I need to select 25 light frames in the image capture screen and somehow coordinate it with the shots that ModelCreator is using and the 25 slews, which seems impossible? Has anyone had success with this? Thanks so much. Canon EOS Ra and 60Da BackyardEOS 3.2.0 Premium Edition
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