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    Family and Astronomy,As for the family i have 4 lovely kiddos,
    Samuel 2 year old,Olivia 3 year old,Maxime 6 year old & Katrina 9 year old!!

    Astronomy equippement:
    Celestron Nexstar 8 SE
    Planetary imaging :SPC900NC (TOucam pro)
    Deep sky imaging Including comets, asteroids etc..: Canon Rebel T1i
    Power :I hane a power converter and a power tanks from celestron.
    All other adaptors: Eyepiece kit with case and planetary filters.
    Bathinov mask for focusing
    Celestron heavy duty wedge.
    DEW-not dew controller for my Tube and controller.

    AND i KEPT the BEST FOR THE LAST the software i use to capture is BYEOS and nothing else LOVE IT!

    I mainly do my astronomy in my backyard in Aylmer Quebec,
    But there are locations that are the very best for me, Mon-tremblant
    Lac Echo
    Lac Simon
    lac de l'argile.

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  1. This is a sticky for me , re watched it again last night, refreshed my meomory on how it is easy with BYEOS to use ascom drivers for the focuser wheels etc.. \this is as good at it gets!
  2. Ok Merci Guylain! Discard mon message prive :o)
  3. Hello! I did astronomy sessions in the past at other locations, If i have doubts that the software is being used under my license, what can be done to deactivate BYEOS onthese 2 other computers. Can i request a new License key and the activate it under my computer and IF others try to use the BYEOS on there side they wil have to purchase their own licensing, the reason why i am asking this, \i don't want to be stuck without my BYEOS copy if 2 are under the same license. I don't know if this is clear enough guys and gals. But i can repeat in french if needed ! Cheers
  4. astronknip


    BramishEU just buy it is worth it, and 65$ is very cheap for what is,and you get fast response if you need help
  5. Hello again! I was wondering how many people use the 350D XT... where you able to capture good galaxies? Nebulas? I did most of my captures with a T1I but sold it and got the ASI1600mm but i don't have it anymore, i will by another one day (From Guylain this time!) here are some of my captures mixed with t1i and zwo asi1600mm
  6. astronknip

    Odd behaviour

    Thaks guys seriously we have pro support here!!! Issue has been RESOLVED FAST!
  7. astronknip

    Odd behaviour

    yeahGuylain thanks to everyone for helping! Guylain when you are talking about serial cable bulb , is this the RS232 to USB??Just like updating the firmware on the Nexstar remote! Thanks again!
  8. astronknip

    Odd behaviour

    i am getting somewhere! 17:43:28 Licensed to astronknip 17:43:28 Processor Affinity 17:43:41 Attempting to connect camera... 17:43:41 Canon drivers 'Canon210\' initialized. 17:43:44 350D-XT CONNECTED! 17:43:51 Imaging session started. 17:43:53 Imaging session cancelled 17:43:53 Your camera requires a configured serial cable for BULB or Mirror Lock. 17:43:54 Imaging session cancelled 17:44:29 Imaging session started. 17:44:31 Imaging session cancelled 17:44:31 Your camera requires a configured serial cable for BULB or Mirror Lock. 17:44:32 Imagin
  9. astronknip

    Odd behaviour

    This is what is happening since i switched it to PC CONNECTION 17:04:17 Licensed to astronknip 17:04:28 Attempting to connect camera... 17:04:28 Canon drivers 'Canon210\' initialized. 17:04:29 Camera Not Found! Make sure it's connected to the PC and turned ON 17:04:44 Attempting to connect camera... 17:04:44 Camera Not Found! Make sure it's connected to the PC and turned ON 17:13:44 Attempting to connect camera... 17:13:44 Camera Not Found! Make sure it's connected to the PC and turned ON 17:14:24 Attempting to connect camera... 17:14:24 Canon driv
  10. astronknip

    Odd behaviour

    wow thanks for the fast input! indeed the drivers are there, driver: File version: 5.6.0 File Size: 5 MB File name: K5411enx.exe 2- i do see my camera in the control panel.(also able to fetch the pictures off the card,) i also changed the connection from (ftp/prit) to PC connection,once that is done camera is not able to connect toBYEOS Also for the record , i have always been successfull with BYEOS with my more recent camera T1i.
  11. astronknip

    Odd behaviour

    Hello everyone! I've been trough the forum on my error that I am getting all the suggestions in previous post I tried! I have a Rebel XT 35oD, all drivers installed for the camera,I have a cf card in it When I put my camera to PC CONNECTION I can't connect to BYEOS,but if i put it to ftp/print I connect to BYEOS, but with my dial set to M(bulb) in the camera status in the program, i see only the white balance flower icon and battery status. I try a test capture 2 sec iso 800 nothing happens and I get ERROR EDS_ERR_NOT_SUPPORTED : EDSDK.EdsSetPropertyData(cameraR
  12. Hey there Guylain and the crew1 What are the battery used in your little red flashlifghts? Got this when i biought my Narrowband set of filter !! I think the batteries are a bit bigger from CR123 Thanks!
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