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  1. Hi Thanks for the feedback I worked out what the issue was. On the night of imaging before I started, I changed the setting so the images would just save to the camera SD card and not both PC and card. I’ve reverted back to the Canera +PC setting and is working fine. Strange that that happens but at least the problem is solved. Cheers
  2. Hey there. I had my first night imaging with my new rig the other night and everything went perfectly. Last night I attempted another session however things did not go so well. I set my session for 30 exposures at 150 seconds each, however after the first exposure it would not continue and it just says BUSY and the dial just keeps spinning. its just so odd as it was working perfectly a couple nights beforehand. I’m running the current version 3.1.18 and using a Canon 200Dmk2 hopefully there’s an answer for this issue. cheers James
  3. jrbaguley

    Frame and Focus

    Hi There For some reason my camera isn’t liking the frame and focus mode. When I select that option the camera sounds like it’s opening and closing the shutter and a message comes up on the cameras lcd screen reading ER 70. Then telling me to remove and insert the battery. Has anyone had this issue before? Any help is appreciated p.s I am using the latest version of BYE, only installed on the weekend. cheers
  4. Great, thanks very much for your help
  5. Apologies, I should have been more specific in my above comment. My Camera has just started working this morning! Which is a massive relief. I must have tried 6-8 times yesterday and it just wouldn’t connect, but for some reason it started straight away this morning when I attempted. really excited to use this program! Just incase I have issues, where can I find the numbers Guylain is referring to? cheers
  6. Hey mate Ok now for some reason it has just started working! I must have tried half a dozen times yesterday and it it just wouldn’t connect. I then connected up my mates 60D and it worked straight away... Buy yea it seems to have worked first thing this morning! fingers crossed it continues to do so! this is an amazing program cheers
  7. Hi everyone Thanks for the feedback. So I bought and paid for the software and attempted to connect my camera, however it does not recognise the device. Just confirming its a Canon 200Dmk2, as it’s called here in Australia. What should I do from here? cheers James
  8. Fantastic thanks so much, I just spent $12500 on a new rig! I’ll get those numbers ASAP cheers
  9. Hi there I own a Canon 200D mk2 Just wondering if this camera is compatible with BYE? Otherwise I’m in trouble lol Cheers James
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